Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Cat Attack, Part 1

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, I've got to start taking pictures again. While this doesn't bode well for getting a lot of Christmas records recorded for the upcoming holiday season, it does mean you get to look at neat pictures instead of boring doodles. My destination Saturday was a great place called Big Cat Rescue. They take in endangered cats from private owners, zoos, what-have-you, and provide these large kitties with a place to live out their lives in peace. I try to make it up there once a year to take the tour and take some pictures. I shot about 600 pictures during the hour and a half tour, so I hope to share quite a few over the next week or so. These first four shots are the first cat I saw, which I'm pretty sure is a leopard. I always forget to take pictures of the names on the cages, and wind up not being able to tell the ocelots from the servals. You're going to see a lot more cage in some of these pictures than I would like, but it's hard to get the shots without getting the cages in there, too. The pictures that don't show the cage just happen to be taken under the right set of circumstances, either the distance between the cage and the animal is great enough that I can shoot between the wires, or the wire is close enough to the camera that it blurs away. Anyhow, I'd rather the cage be there than be in the open with these hungry predators, no matter how playful they may look at times.

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