Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Cat Attack, Part 7

Here's the white tiger that I mentioned a second ago. She lives in the same cage as the male lion, having been brought up together as cubs. The tour guide explained that all white tigers are descended from a single male discovered many years ago. And since all of them are related, many of them have genetic disorders related to the inbreeding forced upon them in an effort to breed more. This lady has a cleft pallette that was sometimes visible when she looked straight at you. She also has stripes that are not quite black, so she's got that going against her, too. But she's still beautiful. And she was quite active, putting on a great show for us. There were four people in our group of 8 that had big cameras, including myself. Sometimes the tour guide would just quit talking for a bit because the cameras were making too many clicks and he knew no one was listening.

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