Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth Of July!

I just got back from the 4th of July celebrations in Palmetto, Florida. I got a few good shots of the fireworks, so I figured I'd share a couple of them with you. After shooting fireworks for several years now, I still have no idea how to get it just right. These shots will have to do. I did shoot colors other than red, but they tend to not be as bright as the red ones and therefore not as impressive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie!

I LOVE these shots. You always do such nice work and I love it when someone can get some great shots of fireworks because i know its just tough. These are beautiful so don't sell yourself short!

I got married at Walt Disney World (surprise, surpise) and we did something called an Illuminations dessert party...Illuminations is a big fireworks show at EPCOT for anyone who doesn't know...and we got some great shots from that. It was raining sadly so it was tough to get the best clarity and our photographer was excellent, just like you, and also said it is really tricky at times to just get the pictures of fireworks to be just right.

Anyways, my point...yours look fantastic. I think they look perfect as is. I always love looking through the pictures you have on this are quite good my friend!

Have A Magical Day!


Stephen said...

Very nice. Wish I could take shots like that!