Thursday, July 05, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 5

You get a little tropical/exotica flavor in today's Christmas shares. Well, in two of them anyway. I couldn't find a third track that really complimented the first two, so I just threw something in there that I liked. So, what have I got? Let's see... Track one is Alfred Apaka with It's Snowing In Hawaii from Blue Hawaii Moonlight (Decca DL 8820, 1959). (I think I spelled Apaka as Alpaka in the MP3 file. Sorry 'bout that...) Great Hawaiian themed track. And who better to follow up on that track than the immortal Martin Denny? He performs Snowflakes In Summer from the LP Exotica Today (Liberty LST-7465, 1967). I don't know if this is really a Christmas track, but I like it. You can never go wrong with Mr. Denny. Track three, which really has nothing to do with the other two is Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year by The Four Lads from The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser (Columbia CL 1045, 1957). A good song, but a little out of sorts from the other two. Please be my guest and download these great tracks!

This time last year I shared out two tracks from the great Dick Schory, so if you missed 'em, go get 'em!

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Tony said...

Whoa, E not B! July snuck up on me this year. Being out of town didn't help.