Friday, May 11, 2007

Cha Cha Cha Cha

Maybe you thought I was done with the cha cha music. Maybe you thought it was safe to take a moments respite from the dance floor. Well, you were wrong. This is Marimba Chiapas-Cha Cha Cha Vol. 4 (Audio Fidelity AFLP 1900, 1959). I don't know what it is with these cha cha cha albums and their great covers. I've got a few more in the stack that I want to get to eventually, but I don't know if those are going to get done and posted anytime soon. Still a few days left in my week o' music, so you never know.


Anonymous said...

My family actually owned a large marimba once, purchased in Veracruz. We also had parrots for pets and other assorted creatures which dwelt in the natural habitats surrounding Oaxaca valley.

As far as the gator photo, in Texas it would be a pair of boots.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend. Bravo!!!!!

Aurea de ....Aracaju-Se///Brasil.

JeansMusicBlog said...

I just did 'take' your 4 Cha cha albums.
I'm not completely 'into Latin' but some songs are very nice to me.

Examples :
Matos, Tony - Green Eyes Cha Cha
Marimba Chiapas - Patricia
(a little bit slower would have been even more nice...).

Thanks !

Ernie said...

Glad you all found something you liked. I gotta get out of cha-cha music and maybe try out some mambo.

Bassooner said...

Fabulous Cha Cha records. They make my day.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Another one that I hope is up for reposting consideration! It just looks fabulous!