Thursday, May 10, 2007


I believe I promised you a full album to download every night this week. Then I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday. So I'm going to try to get up two albums tonight, and here's the first. As soon as I flipped to this LP, I knew it was going to be something special. Never heard of the artist, never heard of the label, never seen the cover, but sometimes you just know. And sure enough, there is some good music between the covers. You can't go wrong with the cha cha cha. So why don't you go download Cha Cha With Tony Matos (Tiffany 2010, 1960) and get busy dancing!

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Bobbo said...

Hi Ernie,
Congratulation for all these latin posts.
There's a long time that I'm looking for things about Randy Carlos, thank's to this share !!!

I enjoyed Tony Matos and Don Swan albums and I must have to wait a few minutes before download "Marimba Chiapas", I'm sure it's a good trip too. I found your blog by Stax o'Wax (thank's Esther)

I'm a latin music lover from France(Paris)since more 20 years and DJ sometimes (sorry for my english)

If you have any request in all types of latin (some themes,style or artists) tell me.
All the best!