Sunday, April 01, 2007

AirFest 2007-Part Nine

It's not all airplanes at the AirFest. This year featured a performer that I hadn't seen before, an anthropomorphous helicopter named Otto. Just look at that big happy face! Who could resist the charms of the little helicopter than can do tricks. Otto flew in with a big American flag in tow, only he was flying backwards. I didn't see any planes do that all day. After a few mid-air tricks, he did some barrel racing, again, something no planes did. And near the end, he even picked up a giant yo-yo, wrapped the rope around it, then pulled it into the air and worked it for a few seconds, up and down, up and down. Pretty impressive for a rotary-winged aircraft!

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Anonymous said...

anything that beats the air into submission is cool by me!