Sunday, April 01, 2007

AirFest 2007-Part Ten

I knew what was coming, and I still missed it. I've seen this particular plane several times at airshows, and each time he does the same fake bombing runs. I tried my best to get the explosion and the plane in the same shot, but I failed. Each time the explosion was too far behind the plane, and I was zoomed in too tight. I didn't even get any of the actual flames in any of my pictures. Each time I was concentrating on the plane instead. So you get two pictures instead of the single shot I wanted. This plane is named Panchito, and it's a B-25 bomber.

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Anonymous said...

Panchito is another great photograph! I really sense the movement of the plane, it's in a great "light", the pilot is visible in the cockpit, etc. This is another great photograph of a truly 'moving' target!
Thank you for sharing the photographs!