Monday, February 05, 2007

On Into February

This week features a calendar page filled with snow, or at least one of them is filled with snow. The shot above is a walkway near Brandywine Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio. I shot that in January of last year on the one day it snowed during the whole week I was there. This year they've got piles and piles of it on the ground, but not last year. The other shot is a statue I found at the Ringling Museum here in Sarasota that's slowly being consumed by the overhead banyan tree. This shot is from about two and a half years ago, but I spotted the same statue on a recent visit. It's a little bit more obscured now, but it's not gone yet.


Sincere said...

Ernie (not Bert)

regarding your blog about the record Twas the night before Christmas.

I left you a comment.

Please contact me at

I signed up here, just to ask you a question, and doubt i'll remember how to get back here. lol

please contact me regarding your "twas the night..." blog.


Anonymous said...

we had plenty of snow last year ... just not when you were here! remember though: you had to use the ice scrapper thingy for the van and there was skiing a-plenty!

Ernie said...

It was fake snow at the ski slopes. That doesn't count. And ice isn't the same as snow. I can get ice on my windshield here in FL, believe it or not!