Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Frankie Laine, RIP

I just saw on the internet where Frankie Laine passed away. So here's a small tribute, a Christmas song I found on We Wish You The Merriest ( Columbia CS 8499, 1961) called 'You're All I Want For Christmas'.


Stephen said...

Thanks for sharing this one, Ernie! I didn't know Buddy Hackett sang "White Christmas" - maybe if we're good, you can share that one in July or December?

Anonymous said...

Looks like BOBBY Hackett to me.

Farewell, Frankie. Thanks for the music.

Stephen said...

Thanks, stubby. I stand corrected. The only BUDDY Hackett Christmas song I've heard is over at Musical Fruitcake. Wishful thinking, I guess.