Sunday, February 04, 2007

Volume 6 For Hi-Fi Living

This is the second record I'm sharing with you today. I didn't get one up all last week, so I sort of felt bad. This record gets me right back on track. And as fate would have it, this is the best one so far in the Hi-Fi Living series. The Latin rhythms here will really get you off your can and out on the dance floor. Well, maybe not, but they won't put you to sleep, either, like some of the records in this series. This also marks the half-way point of the set, so if you haven't downloaded all 6 of the records, follow the links below to the rest of them. For now, ignore the Super Bowl, and go download Don Amore And His Orchestra-Latin Holiday-Vol. 6 For Hi-Fi Living (RCA Custom RAL-1006, 1957). Oh, and for those of you who like the little interludes they've been putting between songs, they aren't on this one. I don't know why, they just decided to skip them this time for whatever reason.

Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Vol. 3
Vol. 4
Vol. 5

UPDATE: As several of you with better ears than mine have noticed, the tracks were all screwed up. But I think I finally figured out why. The labels on the record itself don't match the track listing on the sleeve! I think the record is correct, but I labeled the tracks using the sleeve. On the vinyl, it says side one, but lists the same tracks that the sleeve says are on side two, and vice versa. So that seems to have been the problem. Someone screwed up fifty years ago, and we're just fixing the problem today. I doubt if this is a particularly rare problem, either. Just yesterday I pulled a record out to play, and both sides had a label stating Side 2. So there you go. Anyhow, the link above has now been corrected. The music is still the same, it just has different names attached to it.

PS-Don't forget to watch The Police tonight on the Grammy awards. You can turn it off right after that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the firs 6 recordings. I love all of them so far. I look forward to checking in every Sunday evening and seeing what you have new. Great rip job too. Leaves very little for me to do on my end.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Ernie, I am remiss in not saying so sooner but great site and thanks for the tremendous posts. Last night as I watched the artist formerly known as and again known as Prince I thanked God for the music we share here. LP

Ernie said...

I wanna know if Prince had planned on performing Purple Rain before he saw the weather forecast?

Thanks for the kudos, folks. I wish I could share more, but my attention span is too short...

Anonymous said...

hey ernie! thanks so much for the double post. this is a great series of albums, and you're great for doing what it takes to post 'em.

Anonymous said...


Many thanks for sharing the music, as always! The songs on "Volume 6 For Hi-Fi Living" seem to be reversed from the opposite sides of the album listing. Side 1 has side 2's song names and Side 2 has side 1's.

Ernie said...

Sunlion-I think you're right. I listened a little closer to them, and they do seem to be reversed. I guess I didn't know enough of the tunes. I'm bad with titles anyway. I think the labels must have been reversed 50 years ago at the factory! I'll get it fixed an reposted by tomorrow.

mel said...

I've just listened to this and its really a lovely record. But they got the titles utterly mixed up.

The best I could do to identify the tunes is as follows:

1. Perfidia. 2. Don't know this one. 3. Sweet And Gentle. 4. Besame Mucho. 5. Adios. 6. Green Eyes. 7. Amor, Amor, Amor. 8. Don't know this one either. 9. Lisboa Antigua. 10. Brasil. 11. Frenesi. 12. Tico Tico.

Perhaps a kind reader can help us with the correct titles for tracks
2 and 8.

Thanks very much for the share.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I have this record, so here are the missing titles. The tune after "Perfidia," is called "El Cumbanchero."
The song after "Amor," is Cuanto Le gusta."
My record's labels, are numbered in reverse of the cover. (The cover lists side 1 as starting with "Amor," and side 2 with "Perfidia." The labels have the opposite.)
I hope that I've helped.
(I also have vol. 7 & 12 on vinyl, if you need any info.
Take care,

Lennonka said...

Dear Ernie!

Can you reupload these albums?

Vol. 6-Latin Holiday
Vol. 7-These Foolish Things
Vol. 8-A Lazy Afternoon
Vol. 9-The Girl That I Marry
Vol. 10-Very Hi-Fi Organ
Vol. 11-A Trip To Romance
Vol. 12-We're Having A Party

Thank you very much, for this blog!

Dave said...

Yes PLEASE do re-upload Volumes 6 - 12! I love all of these records, and you've done such excellent work on transferring them and cleaning them up!

Thank you for sharing such wonderful material!

mostergren said...

Ditto what Zoltan said. I just started with Tony Osborne and have eleven more to go. Many thanks!