Monday, January 01, 2007

Kookin' For Kookie

Sometimes the things I find in my record collection surprise even me. I remember buying this record, but I had forgotten it until I found it again a couple of days ago while looking for something to listen to. At the time I bought it, I thought it was just a rip-off LP, capitalizing on the popularity of the TV show, since all of the tracks besides the title song were written by either Frankie Ortega or Sy Oliver. Well, turns out I was wrong. Way wrong. Frankie Ortega and his trio were the house band at Dino's, the hangout for the folks on 77 Sunset Strip (and apparently owned in real life by Dean Martin). Check it out, Frankie is actually listed on the IMDB because of it. So I was glad that I picked up this LP and played it. It's great, jazzy stuff, played by The Frankie Ortega Trio, with backing from Sy Oliver And His Orchestra. There's some really swingin' stuff here, some smooth stuff, too. Even one track that sounds to my ears like Fever, but claims to be an original. So if you're into late 50's sound, this record may well knock your socks off. Oh, and it's in stereo! So here, go get The Frankie Ortega Trio With Sy Oliver And His Orchestra-77 Sunset Strip And Other Selections (Jubilee SDJLP 1106, 1959). Dig it!

Don't forget the Warner Brothers Stars Christmas LP I shared with you last month, as well as the single from Ephrem Zimbalist, Jr. Those'll get you more fun from the stars of 77 Sunset Strip.

Update-9 May 07-Turns out that I originally recorded this record in two track mono instead of stereo. I realized this when I went to record their previous LP, Swingin' Abroad. I've just now uploaded the stereo version, so if you grabbed it earlier, you might want to get it again. It sounds a lot better now. Sorry about the mixup.


Anonymous said...

Ernie, you never cease to amaze me. Never.

Anonymous said...

Sunset Strip never seems to attract much comment, but I was glad to see it. It's not just Fever you can hear either. All of it is reminiscent of some other tune in one way or another. But a very evocative time capsule because of it. And check out the sidemen. Shame they couldn't include the title song words though, I always enjoyed them. I don't know how you get this stuff out there Ernie, but I'm glad you do.

THXjay said...


I've just posted this at my site but have found out the original rip is from you. I see that your link is still active and don't want to infringe on your work so please drop by my place and let me know if you would rather I didn't share this.

I would have asked first but only found out just after posting it.

Let me know, Thanks

Jay The Crime Lounge

THXjay said...

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me share this over at The Lounge, you're a gentleman :)

I've altered my post to make it clear it came from here and added links to you.

Sorry for the way this happened, it's just that the guy I got the rip from didn't realise it came from here until after sharing it with me (I guess it's been around the block a few times).

Thanks for being understanding about it.

All the best