Friday, July 21, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 21

Four more tracks on this, the 21st day of my Christmas in July share-a-bration. All four tracks today are covers of the well-known Claude Thornhill chesnut, Snowfall.

Version one is by Dick Hyman from Provocative Piano, Volume Two (Command RS 824 SD, 1961). That Command (and later Project 3) label is just a treasure trove of interesting stuff.

Version two is Pete Rugolo from Music For Hi-Fi Bugs (EmArcy MG-36082). I believe Pete recorded this track more than once, since I have an MP3 of it from his Music From Out of Space, but since I don't have that vinyl, I can't record it and see if it's the same recording. I suppose I could listen to the MP3 files side by side, but the other one is at work and I'm lazy...

Version three is by Steve Allen from Steve Allen Plays The Piano Greats (Hamilton HLP 12106). Steve Allen wrote thousands and thousands of songs, but few people remember him today as anything other than the original host of The Tonight Show. Lots of his tunes are dreck, but there's some good stuff in there if you search hard.

The fourth and final version is actually titled Snowfall-Cha-Cha and is by Billy May from Cha Cha! Billy May (Capitol ST1329). I hesitated before I put this one up as it's easily available on the excellent Capitol UltraLounge Christmas collections. But it's part of a medley on there, and I hate that. So here's the track all by itself, complete with clicks, pops & surface noise.

That wraps up this episode of Christmas In July. Please download this installment and listen during the next spare moment you get from your busy and hectic life. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Ernie,

    I don't remember if I thanked you before for all of the great Christmas music, so thank you. I'm really enjoying it.


  2. Hi Ernie,

    Nice to find you're posting Christmas music in July. I was just thinking about digging up some of my previously-DLed stuff and listening to it. Now I'll be making another CD of goodies. Thanx for the shares! :)


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