Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 18

18 days into this experiment, and I've still got tracks to share. Hard to believe. And I haven't even shared out some of the obvious stuff. But today is, in my mind, a pretty easy track to find, and find often. Here are five different versions of My Favorite Things, from The Sound Of Music.

Cavallini from Quiet Nights (Mainstream MMS 702)
Dick Leibert from Dick Leibert At The Radio City Music Hall Organ (RCA Victor LSP-3406, 1965)
Jane Morgan from The Second Time Around (Kapp KL-1239, 1961)
The Hi-Lo's from Broadway Playbill (Columbia CS 8213)
Enoch Light And The Brass Menagerie from The Beauty Of Brass (Project 3 PR 6017/18 SD,1976)

I'm not sure when My Favorite Things turned into a Christmas song. I'm a little fuzzy on that part of the movie right now, but I don't remember it having much, if anything, to do with Christmas. Anyhow, here's the link, enjoy the tunes.

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