Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oodles of Doodles CV

While we're on the subject of dancing, how about a doodle from Dance To The Bands! (Capitol TBO 727, 1956))? This double LP features then-new tracks from the bands of Stan Kenton, Les Brown, Harry James, Billy May, Woody Herman and Ray Anthony. Technically it's a various artists collection, but it looks as if all of the tracks were recorded specially for this release. I don't think any of the artists colaborate with each other, but there's a great cover shot of all those artists together around a piano. In fact, it's so cool, let me scan it in and share it with you...

I think these guys are in the same order I wrote above, which I copied from the bottom of the cover. Only one I recognize is Billy May, the guy in the center, and the only one wearing an off-color suit. Figures.


Anonymous said...

dec 2005 - I just bought this 1956 album at the local GoodWill store for .99c! Very cool.
jAKAsso! from Niagara region, Canada.

Anonymous said...

From left to right on the cover:
Stan Kenton; Les Paul; Harry James;Billy May; Woody Hderman; Ray Anthony.