Friday, August 26, 2005

Oodles of Doodles CI

How's this for a great doodle? I never thought I'd be able to combine my Coke bottle collection with my doodle posting, but here you go. This bottle is from an LP put out by Coca-Cola for a bottler sales promotion during the 75th anniversary of the company. The Grip Of Leadership they called it, and you can see the hand that has a tight grip on that classic hobbleskirt bottle. This record appears to be pretty rare, as are all corporate recordings of this nature. They were only given out to the company representatives who attended the show that was documented on the vinyl. This particular show was produced by The Jam Handy Organization, with original music and lyrics by Wilson Stone, Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of Maurice Levine, and Orchestrations by Arthur Harris. The actual record was pressed by RCA Victor Custom Records, 1961. I'd love to record it and share it with you but I'm lazy. I did manage to scan the front and the back, and you can see both below. You can also see the rough shape of the sleeve (looks like someone spilled some Coke on it...figures), as well as the price sticker. Just for the sake of Google searches, the track titles are: Overture; American Heritage; Here And Now; Hot Seat; Packaging And Pricing; Keep Things Jumping; Cooperation; The Same In Any Language; Look To The Leader; I Hear America Singing; Finale. "Not For Broadcast Purposes"

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Ernie,
found your blog while looking for infos about "the grip of leadership" - LP.
A friend of mine found the recording with an original letter (1961) from coca cola inside in a second hand store and paid 1/2 €uro. A good deal!
Do you know how much people would pay for the LP (cover and LP are in a good condition)?
greetings from cologne, Martin