Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oodles of Doodles C

Here it is, the long awaited doodle number one hundred! And what better way to celebrate than with a sextet of doodles from The Three Suns. You've seen The Three Suns here once before, but I've been saving them up ever since then to bring you this giant pile of doodles. The first one is from Let's Dance With The Three Suns (RCA Victor LSP-1578, 1958). Pretty typical doodle, but they aren't going to stay dull here for long.

The second, and my favorite of the bunch, is this space ship from The Three Suns-Swingin' On A Star (RCA Victor LPM-1964, 1959). I really wish this one had a signature on it, but I can't locate one. This is one of the more imaginative doodles I've featured around here. And in case you're wondering why The Three Suns would have four people on their rocket to the stars, the fourth is special guest King Curtis who was brought in for some horn work on this LP.

Thirdly (is that a word?), we have The Three Suns-Love In The Afternoon (RCA Victor LPM-1669, 1959), featuring a charming picnic scene. And we finally get a recognizable signature, Jo Grey II. No hits on this name over at Google, but you have seen the name before here at Ernie (Not Bert).

What else have I got for you today? How about these dancing fellows from The Three Suns-On A Magic Carpet (RCA Victor LPM-2235, 1960)? You know you have to dance when you see something like this.

But wait, the hits keep on a'comin'. How's about this cauldron from Fever And Smoke-The Three Suns (RCA Victor LSP-2310, 1961)? The doodles are really starting to come to a rolling boil around here. Maybe it's time to cool things off just a bit.

Winding things down before we get out of control, here's the sixth and final doodle of the post from Fun In The Sun-The Three Suns (LPM/LSP-2437, 1961). What's not to like about the beach? As I type this, Tropical Storm Katrina is bearing down on me, so that may be something not to like. But worries like that are a million miles away from these two lovebirds. That concludes this 100th doodle post. I hope you enjoyed them all. (Oh yeah, many of these Three Suns LPs feature the taglines on the front advertising the tunes inside, such as "Exotic Percussion Sound" or "Perfect For Dancing". You can see these posted here.)


Stephen said...

Congratulations on doodle #100, Ernie! Here's to the next 100. An excellent set of doodles for the big C - The Three Suns are always welcome.

Arn said...

I love that swinging on a star doodle. I may put that into my wallpaper rotation.