Saturday, October 01, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 40

October is finally here, and I know you've got Halloween on your mind. But I don't have any Halloween music to share with you, just another big batch of Christmas music. More of the same good stuff you've been getting for the previous 39 weeks, and the same stuff you'll keep right on getting each weekend all the way through to the end of the year. There's enough in the stack to see us through to the end, and I'm still downloading, so it's going to be packed full, I promise. But let's get this week out of the way before I go worrying about any other weeks. Check out some of the label scans and you'll see some of the goodies you can download from the MEGA link below. Enjoy!


Oh, you might be interested to hear I just survived a near miss from Hurricane Ian. I woke up Wednesday morning to find that not only was I still in the cone, I was right under the dotted line they show on the TV in the center of the cone. I looked out my window between the rapidly moving clouds, and I could see the line! But later in the day the storm pushed a little more to it's right and the eye went ashore a couple hours south of us. That's the second time it's happened to me since I've lived here. Hurricane Charley in 2004 was headed right for me and wound up striking about an hour and a half south. One of these days, I'm not going to be so lucky. Anyhow, this time we lost power at about four in the afternoon, roughly when the storm was making it's closest approach. We were down for about 27 hours, and damage was minimal to the condo. Other folks around weren't so lucky. We were able to go back to work on Friday, though there was some water that needed pushed out of the building. Before the power went out, I was hoping to get a lot of Christmas music recorded, but in the end I wasn't able to do much but sit on the couch and try not to open the fridge.

And now I'm trying to replace the garbage disposal. It's been cracked and leaking for a long time, and it hasn't worked even longer than that. I'm hoping I got a direct replacement and it won't require any actual PVC plumbing work, but we'll see. I keep taking on these home maintenance projects with no idea what I'm doing. Wish me luck!


  1. There was a garbage disposal in my sink when I got this house. It leaked and I took it out but I found it very difficult to go back to just a drain. For reasons unknown to me, it's easy to put a disposal in but hard to revert to the original setup. Apparently, one is not supposed to take a step back.

    As for the music, are you going to post items in the manner you did in the past or are you just going to keep posting the 78s? That's beginning to look like a permanent source.

  2. So glad that you and your records were not washed or blown away. It's amazing that you are organized enough to get this post together.

    As for garbage disposals, you gents might be interested in the following article:

    Also there are videos. It is of course easy for me to provide advice considering I've never replaced a disposal and would call a plumber if faced with a malfunctioning unit. Ernie, I imagine you'll figure out a way to work barn door hinges into your solution.

    Oh yeah, the music: thanks as always, although I have to say there is something unappetizing about the group name "Cousin Fuzzy and the Doughboys."

  3. I’m so glad you’re okay and that none of your neighbors got decapitated by flying Christmas records.

  4. Many of my recent home appliance repair jobs have been greatly facilitated by YouTube videos. In the past I've been able to repair an air conditioning unit and dishwasher, We're currently using a clothes drier i was able to fix that has stoped heating this summer with the help of a YT video. Some are more helpful to a novice like me than others, so it pays to search around. Worth a shot.

  5. So glad you weathered Ian so well. I put our storm shutters up on Monday and Tuesday, and took them down Thursday and Friday. Electric stayed on the whole time. I'm getting too old for this. Even if we are not in an evacuation zone the next time, we just might.

  6. Thanks for the comments! Always good to know that people are still looking at the posts. It's been a busy few days since the hurricane. Trying to get back to work, but there's evidence everywhere of what we went through, and of course pictures on the new of what the people further south of us endured, and continue to endure. It's an area we visit frequently, so I can remember myself being in many of the areas I see in such rough shape. Gonna be a while before we get to visit those spots again.

    Disposal seems to be working just fine, though I'm not sure I should be putting all that food waste down the drain. Gotta be bad for the plumbing, and I'm sure I'll need a quart of Drano sooner than later.

  7. Hey there. Good to know you didn't blow away.


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