Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-14

Hello!  And Welcome to part 14!  What does that mean? I don't know, I just know we're somewhere in the middle of the month and I'm struggling to keep up.  Shouldn't have worked 12 hours today.  Anyhow, here's a new stack of songs for your Christmas in July enjoyment!

1. The Twelve Days Of Christmas by an unknown artist from New Vistas For Concert Band Vol. VII (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-1100, Stereo, 1980). Another day where we start off with the demo track.

2. Trio: The Gabriel Sisters-Mary Lou, Connie Joe, Colleen-Accompanist: Jeanne Eichten-Directress: Mother Jean Griffin, O.S.U.-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers from Villa Maria Presents...'64 (Tom Jones Recordings TJ-2926, Mono, 1964).  Nice one here. And another set of mysterious initials.  OSU, I don't think that has anything to do with Ohio...

3. Battle Creek A Cappella Choir-Mary Had A Baby from Sixth Annual Albion College Invitational Choral Festival (Delta DRS81-128, Stereo, 1981).  I'm guessing the Battle Creek means this one is from Michigan.

4. The Cantata Singers In Quakertown, Ifor Jones Conducting, Bonnie Fix Keller At The Organ-In Dulci Jubilo from A Service Of Lessons And Carols (CS CSQ1001, Stereo, 1975). Didn't Mike Oldfield do this track somewhere? Pretty sure...

5. Samantha Jones-Rain On Snow from Call It Samantha (Ascot (United Artists) AS 16027, Stereo, 1968).  Pretty sure the sleeve or the label had this listed as Rain In Snow, so I had to listen to it to make sure I got the right title. The things I go through for you guys.

6. Princeton Theological Seminary Choir-Dr. David Hugh Jones, Director-Jesus Gentle Babe (A Joyous Christmas Song) from Princeton Seminary Choir (RCA Victor LPM-1903, Mono, 1959).  This one is a joyous Christmas song, I can tell because it's in the subtitle.

7. Big John Hall-Go Tell It On The Mountain from Mr. Bass (Temple Records LPT-313, Mono, 1964). I figured Thurl Ravenscroft was Mr. Bass, but then along comes this guy trying to claim the title. Hmm, it's got some bass, but I don't know if he's got Thurl beat.

8. Air University Band Maxwellaires, Vocals-A1C Sally Bus, A1C Michal Figueroa, SrA Kirk Garrison, Sgt Dave Brown, Trumpet Solo-A1C Eric Kawamura-Jingle Bells from Air University Band's 42nd Anniversary Glenn Miller Christmas Concert (United States Air Force 510081X (Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL), Stereo, 1985).  More military goodness here.

9. The Living Voices-Gaudeamus Igitur; Winter Song; Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech from Living Voices On The Campus (RCA Camden CAL-715, Mono, 1962).  Somewhere in that medley is a winter song.

10. Percy Faith And His Orchestra-March Of The Toys from The Columbia Album Of Victor Herbert (Columbia 2xLP C2S 801, Stereo, 1958). Some people will say that you can't have Christmas without Percy Faith.  For those people, this track is for you.

11. Jim Mandell With Mary Hylan & Debby James-The Reason Everybody Like Christmas from Action Songs For Holidays And Special Days (Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb T 312, Stereo, 1979).  Music for the kiddies, but there's no reason you adults can't enjoy it too.

12. Ira Wright At The Organ-Ave Maria from Organ Favorites (Concertone 2053, Mono). Can't go a full day around here without an organ track.

13. David Rose And His Orchestra-Holiday For Trombones from The Very Best of David Rose-David Rose And His Orchestra Play The Compositions Of David Rose (MGM SE 4155, Stereo, 1963).  When David Rose is around, every section of the orchestra gets it's own holiday.

14. Razzberry Reynolds And His All-Star Polka Band-Cradle Polka from Beer Barrel Polka Time (Bel Canto SR/1003 Transparent Blue Vinyl, Mono, 1957).  Today's obligatory polka track. You think Razzberry Reynolds is his real name?

15. Orchestra Of The Vienna Volksoper-Franz Bauer-Theussl, Conductor-Les Patineurs (The Skaters), Op. 183 from Emile Waldteufel Famous Waltzes (Musical Heritage Society MHS 7239W, Stereo, 1985). I don't think I've shared too many versions of this classic waltz with you so far this year.  That may change...

And that's it for now.  Fifteen tracks closer to a complete collection.  Here's a download link, have at it!


Buster said...

With regard to Razzberry Reynolds, I suspect his original name was Raspberry Reynolds.

The statement, "Can't go a full day around here without an organ track" begs the question, "Why not?"

Ernie said...

Because you need the organ music! Need it!

MOQChoir said...

If we can't have organ music, please give us handbells!

Ernie said...

Organ records are a dime a dozen compared to handbell records. We'll have to stick with both, I'm afraid.

Patrick said...

Organ or handbell music aside, I enjoyed the trombones on this one. Can't go wrong with a bit of David Rose (this track is a lot of fun!). And the Air University Band Maxwellaires did another good job with their rendition of Jingle Bells.