Sunday, July 05, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-09

Good morning!  Hope the fireworks didn't keep you up too late last night.  But if so, don't worry, this post will still be here for you later on.

1. South Denver High School Choir-Richard B. Eichenberger, Director, singing Hosanna from The South High School A Cappella Choir 1954 (No Label LP3 Transparent Red Vinyl, Mono, 1954). Once again, I ask how something from so far away made it to my local thrift store?  It's just mind boggling to me how this sort of thing travels.

2. Berj Zamkochian, Organist, with Prelude On Greensleeves from The Sound Of An Allen Organ (Columbia Special Products CSP 130, Stereo). A special album put together by the Allen Organ folks.

3. The Undergrads performing Go Tell It On The Mountain from Bluegrass Hoot On Campus With The Undergrads (AKA The Undergrads On Campus) (Somerset SF-21600, Stereo, 1963).  Budget label, so who know who this really is. And there could be the same music attributed to someone else out there. This also seems to be a version that's not Christmas related, so sorry about that.

4. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by an unknown band from Warner Bros. Finest For Concert Band (Jenson Publications JP-3900, Stereo, 1983).  A demo for your band teacher.  Anybody out there a band geek in school?  Not me.

5. George Wright performing Brazilian Sleigh Bells, from Encores At The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ (HiFi R-702, Mono, 1956).  In case you didn't know already, this song was written by Percy Faith.

6. Lutheran High School West Brass Ensemble singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen from 25th Anniversary Of Cleveland Lutheran High Schools - Commemorative Album 1943-1973 (United Sound Recorders USR 5036, Stereo, 1973). I find lots of records from Cleveland, Ohio.  I attribute that to the fact that I-75 runs from here straight up that way, so it's a pretty straight shot for people to head down this way when it gets to cold up there for 'em.

7. Maurice Abravanel Conducting The Utah Symphony Orchestra-Wm. Sullivan, Sheldon Hyde, Keith Smith-Trumpets playing Bugler's Holiday from the LP Fiddle Faddle And 14 Other Leroy Anderson Favorites (Vanguard Cardinal Series VCS-10016, Stereo, 1967).  More Leroy Anderson goodness from this outfit.

8. Peter Walters plays Moonlight in Vermont from Velvet Touch (No Label LP-51, Mono). A mystery of an album, but I do remember it having a neat cover.

9. The Murk Family With Accompanist Betty Bowman plays Love Came Down At Christmas from Holiday Musicale (Sacred Knof Recordings SKR-LP-1170, Mono).  Good stuff from this religious outfit.

10. Lloyd Reese And The Solid Rock Chorus sing Sweet Little Lord Jesus from the LP Peace Be (Verve V6-5018, Mono, 1966).  A rare track from the great Verve label. I guess they tried their hand at religious fare for a short while.

11. Christopher Lynch, Tenor, With Eugene Bossart, Piano, And With Orchestra Conducted By Paul Affelder, playing Cradle Song (Wiegenlied), Op. 49, No. 4 from Bless This House-The Children's Hour (Columbia Entre RL 3016, Mono). An album that's been in the stack for a long time, but I finally got it recorded this year. Not really Christmas though, sorry.

12. Maplewood Glee Club, Warren G. Schmoll-Director, Rosalind Dobie-Accompanist, Roy Stocker-Solo with Mary Had A Baby from Maplewood Glee Club 1965-Maplewood Community Recreation Service (HMR Productions RC-94 (AKA RC-134) Side 2-1965 Winter Concert, Mono, 1965). You never know what you're going to get from these local community productions.

13. Little Brand New Baby by Tom Paxton from The Marvellous Toy & Other Gallimaufry (Flying Fish FF 408, Stereo, 1986). Much later than Tom's better-known stuff.

14. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Dinah Washington, taken from the compilation album Irving Berlin Songs (Mercury SR 60813, Stereo, 1964).  I've shared this before from the original LP, but not from this collection dedicated to the songs of Irving Berlin on the Mercury label.

15. Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians with Ave Maria (the Schubert version) from This I Believe-Songs Of Faith And Inspiration (Capitol ST 2054, Stereo, 1964).  Fred had a very, very long career, and recorded a lot of Christmas music.  Still a few things out there that didn't show up on his Christmas albums, though.

And that's it for now.  Hope you found something you like in this stack.  More to come, stay tuned!


Buster said...

I did not know that "Brazilian Sleigh Bells" was written by Percy Faith. I did not even know there was such a thing as Brazilian Sleigh Bells.

Now you are suggesting that people from Cleveland bring their old records with them when they visit and drop them off in your thrift stores? I still think you have been lurking around here.

Also, "25th Anniversary Of Cleveland Lutheran High Schools - Commemorative Album 1943-1973" - must be 1948-1973 (?).

JustaJeepGuy said...

I-75 runs through Toledo. Cleveland is far to the east of Toledo--relatively. I guess if you're from Cleveland and retiring to Florida, it's not too far out of your way to go to I-75.

Ernie said...

Yeah, probably a typo, that. Sorry.

My side of Florida is closest to I-75, so we get snowbirds from Ohio and Michigan. The East coast has I-95, so they get the snowbirds from NY and New England.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I didn't intend to sound critical. It's just that I'm a Buckeye born and raised and somewhat pedantic about Ohio geography. I knew guys in the Navy who had the craziest notions of what Ohio was like.

Ernie said...

I've spent a little time in Ohio, mostly around Cleveland. So I think everything is close to Cleveland. :) Drove to Pennsylvania one weekend, so I know that's close by...

Patrick said...

Yes, I discoved the Percy Faith track on Real Gone's Percy Faith Christmas album. Really cool! Also, I have to say that I really enjoyed Dinah Washington's version of I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. Thanks again!

Ernie said...

That Dinah Washington version has been a favorite of mine for years, too. I think it featured on the first or second Christmas In July Best-of many years ago.