Saturday, November 30, 2019

Gospel Greetings

While it's still early in the Christmas season, I want to push out some of these recorded Christmas greetings that I've found here and there.  This is the only full album I've got for you, and I'm afraid most of the names aren't going to mean much to you if you aren't a fan of the gospel music from the late 60's or early 70's.  However, there is one group on here that later went on to greater fame in the country music genre, as well as a few pop crossover hits in the 80's.  That group is the Oak Ridge Boys, and I believe they are still releasing Christmas music (and other types as well) to this very day.  So add some spice to your mixtapes and drop some of these in there at random.  You never know who might want to get a Merry Christmas with from a Singing Rambo.  This is Heart Warming/Impact Christmas "Promos" (Heart Warming/Impact No Number, Stereo, 1970).

1-4. The Oak Ridge Boys
5-6. Reba Rambo
7-10. The Downings
11-13. Henry And Hazel Slaughter
14-17. Doug Oldham
18-20. The Bill Gaither Trio
21-24. The Singing Rambos
25-26. Gene Cotton
27-30. The Singing Deweys
31-36. The Speer Family

I think all the backing music is performed by Charities Children, but there isn't anything on the sleeve that says so.  They're just thanked by a few of the artists, so that's the only reason I can imagine they're being thanked.



jelawmo said...

Oh, I've heard of these people. I grew up listening to all of them, and have seen most, if not all, of them in person at churches or other venues. Thank you for this. My mother will be thrilled!

Stubby said...

Gene Cotton was fairly well known in Pop circles. "Like A Sunday In Salem" has long been a personal favorite. AND he's done gobs of stuff to help the underprivileged and poor...more with his time and energy than by throwing money at the problem.

Mistletoe and Holly said...

Like Stubby, my awareness of Gene Cotton is through his Pop/Adult Contemporary hits in the late 70s (and Like a Sunday in Salem is also my favorite song of his). I had the privilege of seeing him perform live in the early 80s, but I had no idea his music roots extended back to 1970 on a gospel label.

Kwork said...

I do enjoy these records. Thank you.

jingle bell rocks! doc said...

Absolutely INCREDIBLE !!!

Thank Yule Ernie !