Sunday, February 10, 2019

Last Christmas (In July)

All the old shares from last Christmas In July are going to go bye-bye from Zippyshare in about four days if no-one goes in there and downloads them.  So if you're interested, better get them all now.  Once they're gone, they don't come back.  Only five months to new stuff, but there was some pretty good stuff last year.  Don't let it expire!  Start here, end here.


Rob said...

Hi Ernie,

Been visiting for years - always appreciate your shares (even if they're not always my cup of tea).

Last year during Christmas in July (on Day 1) you wrote:

St. Louis Blues by Joe Carroll With The Ray Bryant Quintet from his self-titled LP Joe Carroll (Epic LN 3272, Mono, 1956). If memory serves, I threw this in because they break into a little bit of Jingle Bells at one point in the song. This was a great album, I ripped the whole thing.

It really is good! Have you considered sharing the whole album at some point?

Thanks either way!

nidostar said...

Thanks for the uploads. I'll try and remember to play them next Christmas!

Ernie said...

Pretty sure the Joe Carroll is out there. I see a CD from Amazon, may be a Japanese issue though. It's good stuff, worth the price.

Ernie said...

Well, that's it for the Chanukkah in September shares. I guess nobody cared enough about those to download them in the past 30 days. All of the Christmas in July shares are still up for another 29 days at least. We'll see if they make it to the next July! :)