Monday, September 03, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 58-Bonus Tracks!

It's Labor Day, so I've got a little present for you, a bonus day of Christmas in July!  I know you thought it was all over and done with, but I had a few more things that for whatever reason I didn't share with you during our extended month this year.  Things that I just couldn't fit in, or was holding back for some reason, or even a small handful of stuff that I found last Saturday and didn't want to wait until next year to use.  So enjoy it, and believe me when I say, this is it for a while!

1. Auld Lang Syne by Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra from Big Moments (Music For Special Occasions) (RCA Victor 10" 33 RPM LPM-3251, Mono, 1955).  One of the things that I just found Saturday, and I wish I'd had it to round out my Auld Lang Syne collections posted on the 31st.  This may be my favorite version, or maybe second favorite.  I really like that version from the Navy album, too.

2. A Dreamer's Holiday by Ernestine Holmes, Pipe Organ-With Chimes, Xylophone, Marimba, from Invitation To Dream (RCA Victor LPM-1259, Mono, 1957).  I think I gave you a vocal version of this one earlier in the season.

3. Hallelujah Chorus by the Senior Choir from Music Of The Easter Season (Eclipse-The Audio Recording And Manufacturing Company EC 4101 (61), Mono, 1961).  Just never got around to sharing this one.  Did you want more, I've probably got a few that I didn't record.

4. Holiday For Strings by Spike Jones And His City Slickers from Holiday For Strings (RCA Victor 10" 78 RPM 20-1733, Mono, 1945).  This one doesn't really fit the them of the month, as it's a single, not a sing from an album, but I didn't realize that when I ripped it.  I found it in an album of Jones material called Musical Depreciation, but some research told me that it was just a generic book that would be filled with a few different Spike Jones records depending on what was available.  That explains why there was no track listing on the package.  He recorded this one more than once, I have a couple different versions on a CD somewhere...

5. Mambo Holiday by Sonny Burke And His Orchestra from Let's Mambo (Decca DL 8090, Mono, 1954).  Reading the liner notes, I learned that Sonny was the first to bring the mambo to the US.  Now you know. And two tracks on the LP were written by Billy May, but he doesn't appear to have recorded them himself anywhere.  I need to do some more research about the connections.

6. Nutcracker Suite by Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra, Spoken By Peter Ustinov, from Nutcracker Suite-Between Birthdays-Verses By Ogden Nash (Columbia Masterworks ML 5664, Mono, 1961).  This is the uncut version of all the tracks I've shared with you earlier in the season.  Sometimes you just want to listen to the whole thing.

7. Toyland by Al Goodman And His Orchestra from Relax With Victor Herbert (RCA Victor LPM-1023, Mono, 1954).  Too many versions of this one to squeeze them all in, I guess.  At least one other take in today's share, I believe.

8. Auld Lang Syne by Van Alexander And His Orchestra from Let's Dance The Last Dance (Capitol ST1457, Stereo, 1959).  Another one I just found.  I shared out a mono version sometime during previous years, so I'm happy to get the stereo this time.

9. The Bells Of St. Mary's by Jerry Burke from Golden Organ Hits (Dot DLP 25541, Stereo, 1963).  Another member of Lawrence Welk's musical army.

10. I'd better not say anything about this one...

11. Jesus Was A Capricorn (Owed To John Prine) by Kris Kristofferson from the album of the same name (Monument KZ 31909, Stereo, 1972).  I mentioned this track in passing the other day, then when I spotted the vinyl I figured I'd go ahead and throw it in.  It will fit nicely onto the comp I want to make someday with lots of hippy Jesus songs from the seventies.  You know, Jesus Is Just Alright With Me, Spirit In The Sky, that sort of thing.  Someday...

12. Let There Be Peace On Earth (Let It Begin With Me) by The Norman Luboff Choir from This Is Norman Luboff! (RCA Victor LSP-2342, Stereo, 1961).  Another one that I've shared in mono in years past.  Good to get the stereo out there.

13. March Of The Toys And Toyland by 101 Strings from The Sparkle And Romance Of Victor Herbert (Somerset SF-15400, Stereo).  Budget label, but still pretty good.

14. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set by Bent Fabric from The Happy Puppy (Atco 33-155, Stereo, 1962).  That's how Santa is able to get all his toys made during the summer, the sun never sets, so the elves can work longer hours!

15. My Favorite Things by Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra from The Sound Of Music In Latin Tempos For Dancing (London PS-198, Stereo, 1960).  Nice version.  The label said this one was titled The Ros Sound Of Music, but that wasn't mentioned anywhere on the sleeve.

16. Narration by Faythe M. Newsome from Spirituals Of The Sanctuary-85th Anniversary Album Of The Antioch Sanctuary Choir (Century Advent Recording ANT-6-789, Stereo).  Something for your mixtapes.

Whew, lots of tracks in there.  Good end to the season.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you occasionally between now and Thanksgiving, but I'll certainly be back then!



Anonymous said...

pd says

thank-you for all the Christmas-in-July bon-bons

Buster said...

This is certainly a splendid conclusion to your tireless labors over the past two months and more.

Side note - I don't know what the connection was between Sonny Burke and Billy May. I believe May himself was working for Capitol at the time this record came out. Burke was an arranger, but it is certainly possible that he hired May to do some work for this record. By the way, almost 10 years ago you asked me to transfer a Sonny Burke LP called Mambo Jambo. Burke had had a hit with that Perez Prado song way back when, supposedly the first mambo hit in the US. That's not to say it was the first mambo record here - Prado's RCA records did circulate in this country, but at the time they were in RCA's international series, which had a limited distribution.

The Burke record is still available here:

Two collections of early Perez Prado records can be found here:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day to all and to all a good night

Michael said...

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but once I click on the zippyshare link, what do I click on next to download the file? I'm seeing lots of ads telling me to download stuff, but nothing seems to be the actual file I'm looking for.

Buster said...

Michael - Zippyshare usually loads one or more nuisance windows or tabs when you click on the download button. Close those windows or tabs and try clicking on the download button again.

Stubby said...

Michael, it's the orange button that says "Download Now". Beyond that...what Buster said.

Harry said...


Many thanks for all the posts. I confess I'm still catching up; I don't know how you do all this. Some favorites along the way have been the Duke Ellington tracks, the US Air Force tracks, and Dom Frontiere, who I didn't know about and who plays quite nicely. Also enjoyed that quirky March of the Lunatics back on day 37. Seems like a little bit more Latin flair this year than in the past, and that's been fun also.

You've earned a well-deserved rest, and hopefully there'll be no hurricanes this year to disturb the run from now up to the holiday season.

Mistletoe and Holly said...

Outstanding work, Ernie! Not sure how you kept it up so long, but I'm appreciative that you did!

See you in November.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good music!
I really appreciate all the work you have done.
And I speak for thousands of the quiet downloaders who didn't say thanks!
Not many people do this anymore just for fun, everyone wants to make a buck.
Its refreshing to see someone who does it for the love of it.
Most of the Christmas music sites have closed up, I'm glad you came back!
Thanks a million,

barba said...

just when you thought it was safe to post more christmas music, i show up. nine comments. i knew that would happen. but i’m already here and i can’t get those seniors singing those wrong notes in the “hallelujah chorus” out of my mind. wonderful stuff. it’s one thing to be out-of-key. it’s another entirely to have a whole section sing wrong notes and the choirmaster let them get away with it. throw in the cheap microphone, the arthritic accompanist, and that’s what i call some kind of good.

maybe it’s about time to call it a season and lam it on out of town; for if they can’t serve you, you don’t have to go to court. and when the colonel’s estate finds out (and i don’t mean colonel sanders), they’re going to shove it into overdrive. heck, i once ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and i got letters for a month.

Mac said...

Oh Ernie, Thank you so much for all the hard work done in sharing these gems, and thanks for sending me out on the hunt for the original album covers - that is always fun and a real joy when you find a good clear image

Some favorites? The airmen of note, C.W. McCall, the Leroy Anderson tracks (Frederick Fennell) Jane morgan (sigh, love her stuff) The Young americans (who knew? - well, I guess you did) Brass of the Hollywood bowl quite nice, Cleo Lane and that Duke Ellington - all very nice and greatly appreciates -

Now, go rest up somewhere would ya?

Kwork said...

And, your encore bonus is a bang! Thank you for the full season. This is wonderful, and truly appreciated. Rest up, and merry Christmas, no matter the time of year.

JustaJeepGuy said...

All I can say is, "that song" (#10) is my least favorite song with "Christmas" in the title. It's NOT a "Christmas" song, it's a "My baby done me wrong" song and nothing else. I dislike it as much as "My Favorite Things", and I don't care who recorded either one--except for Trane.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the great Christmas music!

WOODY said...

Christmas in November, I am absolutely overwhelmed by this extremely beautiful collection for the coming days! And this great effort has certainly paid off, because I will listen to the music very attentively! All the best to you and thanks for that!