Sunday, September 02, 2018

Chanukah In September-Day 2

Yep, I have a few more Chanukah songs for you this year, though not nearly as many as last year.  I looked back in time and saw that I had 21 Chanukah songs that I shared with you over two days!  And they weren't all explanatory songs, there were some actual pop songs in there.  Well, I think there were.  My memory is a little fuzzy, and I didn't listen to any of them, but maybe.

1. Holidays by Mickey Katz And His Orchestra from The Most Mishige (Capitol T1102, Mono, 1959).  How excited I was to find something I could share by Mickey Katz.  Unfortunately, I don't think Chanukah is one of the Jewish holidays me mentions in the song.  Oh well, I'm still sharing it out.

2. Shir Nokdim (Shepherd's Song) by The Dudaim-Israel's Most Popular Singers from Songs Of Israel (Columbia "Adventures In Sound" WL 165, Mono, 1960).  Again, not strictly Chanukah, I might even have been able to squeeze this one into Christmas.  But I needed more in here to share with you for Chanukah in September, so here it is.  I had at least two more for Chanukah in the pile up until recently, but they didn't work out.  One album had volume 1 in the sleeve, but volume 2 was the one that had a version of Dreidel on it.  The other record had a scratch so bad I couldn't get a rip of it to save me.  Spent over an hour trying, but it was just to bad.

3. Candles Of Hanukkah by The Merrill Staton Children's Voices from Reaching The Special Learner Through Music-Record 1 (Silver Burdett P12 14993, Stereo, 1979).  Those obviously aren't children's voices on there, but it was the only credit I could find on the record.

4. Chanukah by Steve Clayton & Gail Contini from Holidays To Sing About (UltraSound ULT 3420, Stereo, 1979).  '79 must have been a banner year for Chanukah music! Is that a disco beat, or just a cheesy drum machine?

5. Mo'oz Tsur by The Heritage Orchestra And Chorus from The Jewish Holiday Album (Epic BN 26172, Stereo, 1965).  You got a track from this one yesterday as well.

And that's it.  All the Chanukah I was able to dig up this year.  Hope there's something in there you like.  Have a good Sunday!



Stubby said...

Thank you for all you do. Keeping the holiday spirit alive all summer, no matter the holiday.

Kwork said...

I was so upset when my external crashed earlier this year. One reason was losing all the Christmas and Chanukah in July and beyond I'd been able to collect over the years. Though not as many repeats overall this summer, this has gone a long way in helping me to restore much, and even with the past summer's links being dead, that's a start! Thank you for a wonderful summer holiday season, both Christmas and Chanukah. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all!

mel said...

Thanks, Ernie.