Saturday, September 01, 2018

Chanukah In September-Day 1

Hello, and welcome to Chanukah in September, an occasional coda to my Christmas in July celebration!  Unfortunately, Chanukah songs are much harder to find, so it's not going to be a two month celebration, I can't even muster ten songs a day.  But I've got a few songs in the pile, so we're gonna try.

1. Chanukah: Sheleg Al Ha'aretz; With Our Candles In Hand; I Have A Little Dreydl; S'vivon by Gladys Gewirtz & Eve Lippman from Mother Goose Songs For Jewish Children/Holiday Playsongs (Menorah MEN-211, Mono).  I found a copy of this one in a thrift store in Maryland a couple years ago, only to find I already had a copy in the pile.  I shared out one of those copies last year, and this is the other one.  There are so few Chanukah songs, I was happy to have it.

2. Eight Nights Of Hanukah by an unknown artist from Now And Long Ago-Silver Burdett Songs From Music For Living-Album 09 (Columbia 10" 78 RPM Microgroove JS-329, Mono, 1956).  How long have I been sharing out songs from these 10" records?  That's how long I've been holding onto this track.

3. Sholom Chavarim by The Weavers from The Weavers At Carnegie Hall (Vanguard VRS 9010 (Metropolitan Music Library VG 9010), Mono, 1959).  Been holding onto this one for more than a month, too.

4. Chanukah (a) Mo'oz Tzur (b) Mi Y'malel (c) S'vivon Sov Sov Sov by Herb Strauss from Songs And Stories Of The Jewish Holidays-Sung And Told By Herb Strauss (Vocalion (Decca) VL73891, Stereo, 1970).  I was surprised when I found a 1970 date for this LP.  It looks much older, but that could just be because it was released on a budget arm of Decca, and not the main label.

5. Mi Yimallel by The Heritage Orchestra And Chorus from The Jewish Holiday Album (Epic BN 26172, Stereo, 1965). I always get excited when I see an album talking about the Jewish holidays, because that means I'm going to find another Chanukah track!

And that's it, a scant five tracks for you today.  But five is more than none, right?  Stay tuned tomorrow.



Buster said...

I am surprised you could find even five such tracks. It's not like they are common. Thanks!

Stubby said...

I'm happy to see Buster's comment. I thought I might be singular in my appreciation for the music of "that other holiday". I can trace my interest in Chanukah music (and Hanukkah music) to the mid 80s and the song "Chanukah Chase" by the Short Sisters (none of whom were short or sisters). It took me ages to find it on record. And, the longer it took, the greater my interest (i.e. obsession) became. Always cool to hear what you turn up. Now, if you come across any old vinyl Kwanzaa tracks, that would be interesting. Technically, it's possible as Kwanzaa supposedly dates to the mid-60s. But, even in this digital age, I've only accumulated a small handful (none from the vinyl era). Don't worry, I'm not obsessed with Kwanzaa music...yet.

Here's "Chanukah Chase" for anyone interested.

Kwork said...

Ernie, I see how you do it. Half the songs so you can stretch things out another post. It works.
Stubby: I love that! I'm hoping someone has shared that, or will, and I wonder now how the rest of their material is.

mel said...

Oops, wrong holiday - we're about to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

But never mind, Ernie - I'm always grateful to get all your festival contributions, whenever you post them. Thank you very much.

Ernie said...

Kwork-You've discovered my secret. Spread it out as much as possible! Plus, I didn't have it all recorded yet. :)

Happy Labor Day weekend to all, thanks for the comments!

mel said...

Today's the right day, and thank you again!