Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 54

Welcome to Studio 54! No, wait, day 54.  Something else entirely.  OK, it was the only joke I could come up with, it's been a long season...

1. Blest Christmas Morn by Larry Groce-Special Arrangements And Musical Direction By Rick Powell from The Glad Sound-Songs About Christ Jesus From The Christian Science Hymnal (The Christian Science Publishing Society DRP 7340, Stereo, 1973).  The first of two songs tonight from the Christian Scientists.  Not sure who they are, but they like to sing Christmas songs, same as everyone else.

2. China Doll by Frederick Fennell Conducting The Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra from the LP Music Of Leroy Anderson, Vol. 2 (Mercury Living Presence SR90043, Stereo, 1959).  More Leroy Anderson goodness by Mercury's go-to conductor.

3. Christmas Morn by Eleanor Steber With Edwin McDonell At The Mother Church Organ from Hymns By Mary Baker Eddy (ST/And Company L80P 4483/4, Stereo). And this is the second album from those Christian Scientists.  At least I assume Church of Christ Scientist is the same as Christian Science.  I'm sure if it's not, someone will correct me.  I had two copies of this LP for some reason.  That's the chance you take when you don't keep a good inventory of what you have and don't have.

4. Elves (From "12 Pieces," Op.7) by Carlo Curley from The Incredible Carlo Curley Plays Virtuoso French Organ Music At The Royal Albert Hall (RCA Red Seal ARL1-3556, Stereo, 1979).  I grabbed this for the elf connection, obviously.  Unfortunately, the recording level on the original LP was so low it was difficult to get a rip that lifted the music up out of the surface noise.  You'll see what I mean when you give it a listen.  I tried a couple of time, but results were the same.  Odd for a late recording from a major label.

5. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by University Of Tennessee Marching Band-W.J. Julian, Director, from Pride Of The Southland (Davis Sound 42592 , Stereo).  You may think this is another off-center pressing, but it's not.  It's just badly warped and that's what's causing the coming-and-going sound effect 33.333333333333333333 times per minute. I have an idea in my head for a little ring I could put around warped records to hold them flat but I haven't done anything to actually fabricate such a thing yet.  Someday...

6. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring-Chorale From Cantata 147 by Anatole Kitain, Pianist, from The Siena Pianoforte: Bach (Counterpoint/Esoteric (Everest) 53001, Stereo, 1956).  Yes, it's that old Siena Pianoforte again.  Not sure what the deal is with this thing.  I read the liner notes but have a hard time swallowing the story. Look it up.

7. Silent Night by The Ringing Bells-Rachael Kuivinen, Director, tonight's selection from Christmas Music/Bicentennial And Old Favorites (United Methodist Church Of Chagrin Falls, Ohio 6093N9, Stereo, 1976). I like that they keep these selections short enough that the tunes don't get repetitive.  In, Out, Done.

8. Skaters Waltz by The Kingsway Strings from Symphony On Ice-Music For Skaters-Waltzes Recorded For Ice Or Rink (Somerset SF-28200, Stereo).  I shared a tune from the other side of this LP earlier in the season and it was off-center.  This tune sounds OK to me, and I don't remember the tonearm swaying back and forth as I recorded it.

9. Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Richard Webb, Bass & Salvatore Mancuso, Organist, from the album I Love To Tell The Story (Central Woodward Woman's Fellowship VC 3330, Stereo). I love finding Christmas tunes in unexpected places, and this LP was certainly unexpected.  Pretty plain front cover, nothing on the back cover, but three Christmas tunes on the vinyl.

10. Toys by Vikki Carr-Arranged & Conducted By Marty Paich from Intimate Excitement (Liberty LST-7506, Stereo, 1967).  Not necessarily about the kind of toys you get for Christmas.

I keep forgetting to tell you about how I lost ten tracks earlier in the season.  Around about day 50 I noticed that there were less than 500 MP3s in the Christmas In July folder. After some thinking, I realized that I must not have added the MP3s back into the folder after converting the original wave files.  So I had to go back through all my old shares and find a day where the files weren't in the folder.  I think it was day 24 when I finally found tracks that hadn't been added.  So I didn't really lose anything, I just didn't have it in the right place.  Doesn't matter to you, I guess.



Anonymous said...

Warped records - two sheets of glass warmed with record between them. Leave for a few hours.
= flat record.

Buster said...

Anonymous - I feel sure that if I tried that, I would end up with a puddle of vinyl. My solution for warped records is to toss them out. I try to remember to look at them sideways before I buy them, but I forget half the time. I've been doing this for 50 years, which suggests that I don't learn easily.

JustaJeepGuy said...


I'm still working on "Inhale first, THEN swallow". Maybe in my second 65 years, I'll finally get it right.

barba said...

me, i just developed a warped sense of listening along with everything else.

Stubby said...

Larry Groce was the "Junk Food Junkie" guy. Never knew he was Christian Scientist (not that there's anything wrong with that). I think its funny that his "Very Best Of" collection on Amazon (digital) is just 3 songs, only one of which he's known for. The other two are "Dead Skunk" (Louden Wainwright III) and "Hot Rod Lincoln" (Commander Cody). But "Junk Food Junkie" was a pretty big hit.

Ernie said...

Huh. Larry Groce shows up on some Disney records from the late 70's & early 80's, too. Maybe that's where I'd seen it before. I kept thinking in the back of my mind it sounding familiar, but I figured I was confusing him with Larry Storch.

Kwork said...

Thanks for more goodies. Merry Christmas!