Friday, January 05, 2018

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Hello!  And welcome to the 12th day of Christmas!  Or Epiphany Eve as it's sometimes called.  Or Little Christmas Eve. Women's Christmas Eve?  Or January 5th, your choice.  Whatever you call it, it's cold outside!  And on the last day of Christmas, I bring you a little Eddie Lawrence, AKA The Old Philosopher.  Once you've heard one of his routines, you've pretty much heard them all.  Just in case you miss a little something in the first one here, there's another one on the flip side for you.  I think I actually shared the A-side of this single with you one time during Christmas in July, so it must have appeared on LP at some point, but this time it's from a smaller, faster record with two dissimilar sides.  Someday I should put together a whole collection of similar songs, but they might wind up all being records by Eddie...  Anyhow, here's Eddie Lawrence-That Holiday Spirit b/w The Merry Old Philosopher (Coral 7" 45 RPM 9-61915, Mono, 1957).

As it happens, I recently traveled through the town of Tarpon Springs, a Greek community with perhaps the largest Epiphany celebration in this country.  Their tradition is to toss a cross into the local waterway, and boatloads of chosen male children jump in after it.  Whoever comes up with it is given a special blessing and gets all sorts of special chores for the next year.  This statue is out front of the sponsoring church and I happened to catch a picture as we drove by.  As it happens, Epiphany tends to fall on one of the coldest days of the year, and this year is no different.  But I don't think they've ever canceled it or moved it, or even changed the time to later in the afternoon.  I can also remember times in the past where pranksters have salted the water the night before with handfuls of duplicate crosses, leading to no end of confusion.  There have also been fights, tussles and outright unpleasantness over the cross, so it's the same as everything else.

(I just looked it up, and I guess the jumping in the water bit is tomorrow, not today.  I've never actually been, maybe I should jump in the car and head up there...)


Buster said...

Hiya, bunkie.

Are you suggesting you are gonna go there and jump in the water? Wouldn't it be safer to visit a liturgical store if you want a crucifix?

I think I have this record. At least I know I have an Eddie Lawrence Christmas record. Not sure if it is this one - you're right, they all sound alike.

Geordie said...

Thanks for all the shares.

barba said...

fighting over the cross.

i like that.

just tell them you're the oldest kid in the world.

Michael said...

The Merry Old Philosopher segments were included on 1990's "Christmas Party with Eddie G.", one of my all-time favorite Christmas albums. I never realized that the three segments were all part of one track however. Funny stuff!

Kwork said...

Hahaha, love the stories and comments. Thank you for this, and for the Christmas season in general. Hope you have a fabulous 2018, and see you possibly in July if you don't post between now and then.

Unknown said...

Hi! Have you had any luck with the 'Christmas disco medley' album by New York fantasy band? Any possibilities for me to get a copy

Unknown said...

Hey Ernie!

Wish you a very happy new year 2018!

I'm Carson Mendes from India.

Am following you for almost 10 years hoping to get a blog post share of the copy of the above mentioned record.

I managed to find one available online at the following website but am having difficulty in obtaining one.

I had read about it in your blog sometime ago.

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I've attached some snapshots here with.

Can you help to get the Lp and rip it and share it with me via email etc. In a .Wav or .Mp3 format !?

Awaiting anxiously for a positive reply from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Carson Mendes

Have sent the above as email too with images

Comment Blue said...

I really enjoyed all your Christmas shares this year.

Any chance you could re-up the For HI-FI Living Series Vols. 9 - 12? Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ernie so much for your generosity!

barba said...

looks like you've taken down the tree. i never did make a report on my "best of christmas" compilations, much of which i gleaned, or rather harvested from here over the years. i previewed them in the fall and they were such an utter mess that i knew they needed a lot more attention before anyone could listen to them, even me. homer & jethro just don't go well with the vienna boys choir. in fact a lot of things don't go well together. this year will be devoted to figuring out what does. so it's christmas in january. christmas in february. christmas in perpetuity for me... unless real life rears its ugly head, as it tends to do.

all the best for 2018.

Geordie said...

Thanks again; I just want to say that I added the write-ups from each of your 2017 Christmas shares to their corresponding directories. It's much less daunting when faced with the 68 shares you have given us this year, and I don't have to worry about them ever vanishing from the web.

Looking forward to Christmas! Hope you and yours are well.

Laurie said...

A belated thank you for all of your incredible shares this year - still making my way through them all (and ones from this summer as well) and I'll leave more comments when I do. I can't thank you enough for giving me something to look forward to during a particularly difficult holiday season. You're the best, Ernie!

CaptainOT said...

BRAVO Ernie... thanks for a great season of sharing!

Ernie said...

Eddie for '18!!FAdihAQL!3yzx9kpX-CZddRDa3kJioNPXuBO10z4qvUbLh6GHcAE

Greg said...

the mega link does not work. Any chance for a reup?

Ernie said...

Nope. Mega doesn't seem to want me to share this one.