Sunday, December 31, 2017

Seven Swans A'Swimming

One that's been sitting here on my desk for literally years, waiting it's turn to be ripped and shared, is this 45 by Mike Douglas.  I shared the song on an album with you years ago, but the flipside appears to be an extended version with the background voices and some extra piano bits that's a nice addition to your collection.  (And if you don't remember that album, you might want to check the comments, just sayin'.) The label on this 45 is Image, but the LP label is Word.  That made me think this might be a re-recording until I found an article in Billboard mentioning that Image had sold the single to Word, so there you are.  Oh, and the name Lee Pockriss pops up again here, as both songwriter and arranger/conductor.  Small world.  This is Mike Douglas-Happy Birthday, Jesus b/w Mike Douglas Chorale-Happy Birthday, Jesus (Image Records, A Division Of AudioFidelity Enterprises 7" 45 RPM IM-3032, Stereo, 1979).



Ernie said...

For those of you who read the comments, I re-encoded my old shares of Mike's two Christmas albums at a full 320, follow the links!

Happy New Year!

Kwork said...

I had been thinking about these records recently, especially the first one that I do prefer quite handily over the second, "Touch Hands" being one of the very favorite Christmas songs I have discovered over the years, thanks to your blog. Thank you for all three offerings on this post. Very much appreciated. Happy New Year! Only about 357 days till Christmas now!

Ernie said...

New links for 2018:

The Single...!IVclVYIR!eHS-SCXhOrQ9fh_hEBXfRaH6Hi2tgJIn_aChupSXkv4

One album...!AJFzjAQb!bBSnLGlS8ijI_IbRaz6illxiHZqjg3xFbQYjZ-0X1PU

The other album...!lIVVGQ6I!mzVNJUVN7oZcOTy0Xxfo0GhWZH1Vd6XAmqt0e_fuuyA