Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Return Of Chanukah In August-Day 1

If you've hung out around here in the past, you might remember that Christmas In July is always followed up by Chanukah in August.  You might also remember that Chanukah songs are much fewer and farther between than Christmas songs, so we only get one day of Chanukah songs instead of 31.  And two of these are from the same album and artist, because pickin's are really slim here.

Track one is The Hanukkah Song by Tom Glazer With Jeffrey Alden-Orchestra Conducted By Tony Mottola from that same old album I Like Holidays! (RCA Camden CAL-1055, Mono, 1964).  How many different ways can you spell Chanukah in English?  I know it's quite a few, and the different spellings seem to go in and out of favor.

The other two tracks I have for you are Chanukah (The Feast Of Lights) & Chanukah (Is Here At Last), both of which are surprisingly good, and both are from the LP Happy Holidays-The Spirit Of The Jewish Holidays In Modern Song (Maris 93059 (Printed and Mfg. by Crown Album Corp., Phila, 47, Pa., USA), Mono).  The artist is Sue Brason And Chorus With Orchestra Under The Direction Of Len Lewy.  I was pretty impressed by both of these tracks, they don't sound like some of the Chanukah music I've found in the past, they really fit right in with all the other stuff I've shared in the past month.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

That's it, just three tracks.  Here's the download.  Now I can go back into hibernation for a while.


Well Looks Like I Won't Be Wearing Any Pants Today said...

Ernie, you have definitely been one of my mainstays of Christmas music on the web since I first found your humble blog several years ago, I felt I had also found a kindred spirit in someone who loves Christmas music as much as I do! (on a side note: because of you, I have over 150Gigs of a 1TB hard drive filled with Christmas music!) So, a few weeks ago I got laid off from my "seasonal" job (was only supposed to last until March and I was held over until almost July) and was not looking forward to the next few weeks of unemployment. Back on July 3rd (quite by accidentally actually) I had clicked on what I thought was a bookmark for another Christmas music page, turns out, it was a bookmark for one of the 2008 or 2009 Christmas in July posts and I had put up new Christmas in July posts! Not gonna lie to you, I was a BIT giddy LOL Thanks for making me feel better about the last few weeks my friend :)

mel said...

It doesn't matter how you spell it in English - as long as you spell it correctly in Hebrew!

Thank you very much, Ernie - and enjoy your hibernation.

Puckwheat said...

Thanks for all the great posts...see you at Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always great. Unfortunately for this year downloads via Firefox were blocked. It said they may contain a virus or spyware.

Ernie said...

I don't think it's Firefox blocking those posts, I suspect it's your anti-virus software. I used Firefox to post them, download them, click on them, test them, etc, and never had any issues. The download links all point to Zippyshare, so maybe your AV software doesn't like them.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't stopped any zippyshare downloads in the past several years. Downloaded something from another site earlier today using zippyshare without a problem. Maybe my AV doesn't like holidays.

Anonymous said...

My AV must have gotten into the holiday spirit. Tried downloading again and this warnings or problems. Thanks for the great variety. Johnny Bond to the Anita Kerr Singers and back. Much appreciation for your time and effort into putting all this together.

Blue Carbuncle said...

As always, mucho thanks for the wonderful tracks and for making my family ... and I'm sure 100s or 1000s of families holidays more merry. Does the Vatican accept petitions for sainthood? How does St Ernie, patron saint of yuletide sharity sound?


PS: I too had trouble with the downloads being tagged as bad, switched laptops and narry a problem with the Chrome/Norton combo.

Anonymous said...

Blue: You have to be dead to be declared a saint, so I think we will opt to keep our Ernie with us for a while -- with or without the music. Thanks again for the cheer. Like the Pantsless guy above, we all "need a little Christmas" and this is more than a little!

Thanks again, Ernie!

Anonymous said...

just found your wonderful gift - as a lucky man just before Christmas comes to town as I could not consider your site during summer because of moving my location into a new address, so thank's a lot for your share, very much appreciated and brings back some very fine memories!

Anonymous said...

Ernie, I have a copy of your "old" Wayne King share ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"), but the "renewed King" upgrade has expired. Any chance of a re-up?


//freddie jaye