Thursday, December 27, 2012

Soft Drive

Well, in what may be considered good timing by some, my hard drive has developed a bit of an itch.  I spent most of last night trying to back up my data, but it's taking a long time to do anything.  No idea when I'll get things fixed up, but I'm optimistic it'll be by this weekend.  Stay tuned for more Christmas music.  Maybe.


Tanktop said...

Thank you as always for updates or anything, Ernie.
A great friend of mine from Italy warned me yesterday of a virus that Medafire put in his computer...and disabled it.
Apparently, sadly, it was a download from your wonderful blog:(
The latest news is, it seems to be affecting only Italian addresses.
Sorry to tell you this kinda news...
but just thought you need to be careful my friend, ok?

All the best:)

Ernie said...

Well, those viruses come from the ads that MediaFire and their ilk host, or at least that's my understanding. I got one from them a few years back. They don't affect most well-patched and anti-virused machines, but if somebody with an older, unprotected machine runs some of that code, heaven help them. I suspect that if MediaFire themselves were behind it, they wouldn't be in business long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie -

Good luck with the hardware...we'll keep our fingers crossed.



Geordie said...

Hope that all goes well. Looking forward to more Christmas music.