Monday, December 26, 2011


This is a little 45 that I got for free a few months ago.  I ordered it from an online record dealer, and when she went to pack it up, she refunded my money and told me it was in horrible shape, she couldn't in all sincerity sell it to me.  But she threw it in the box and gave it to me for free.  I was glad she did because it seems to be a unique little bit of radio history featuring Mel Tormé.  He appears to have recorded a special version of his 1966 holiday song One Little Snowflake with some lyrics about Philadelphia instead of Cleveland as in the original song.  The sound is horrible, but you will get the idea.  There are a couple of greetings on the flip side that will sound good on your mixtapes next year, if you can get past the surface noise.  This is Mel Tormé-One Little Snowflake (For WCAU)-(WCAU Radio 7" 33 RPM 37M-89821/-89822, Mono).

A track from this was my contribution as the very last track on the ADVENTure in Carols 2011 collection I told you about back at the beginning of December.  If you've forgotten about it, you can go here to read all about it.  I'm trying now to get all the tracks together and make one big download of the whole thing, but it's harder than it sounds.


Stormy said...

I am distantly related to Mel (he was my grandfather's cousin) and I'm always interested in things like this. Many thanks!!!

edwardswill said...

Que interesante sTormy.

Ravel said...

Dear Ernie, despite the scratchy sound, it's great to hear this rarity. When it's rare, I don't feel picky (not that I usually am).
Thanks for sharing it... and all you shared this year. You're one of the bests!
Happy New Year!
Ravel, near Montreal, Quebec

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this share - from a Mel Torme "completist".

- bajazzo