Friday, November 25, 2011

Alberghetti (Not Spaghetti)

Here's a little album that I didn't know existed before I flipped across it almost a year ago.  Anna Maria Alberghetti must have seemed like the next big thing for a while back in the 60's, but then she sort of faded from view as far as I knew.  She had a Christmas song on one of those Goodyear collections, and a few LPs with no Christmas content that I'm aware of.  This one seems to have come along pretty late in the game, 1984 to be exact, and it's not even a full LP of AMA.  The flip side is by some singer who came and went without much of a trace, Reino Moisio.  Perhaps someone out there knows more about this record than I do, and I hope they chime in with some info.  That big gold sticker on the front "The Gold Seal Christmas Classic Album" sort of makes me think this was a free promo giveaway for something or somebody, and I see copies online with other stickers along those lines.  I also suspect this could have been a vehicle attempting to launch the career of Mr. Moisio by grabbing at the coattails of Ms. Alberghetti.  Well, download it and read all the stuff on the back, search the Google and come to your own conclusions.  All I can tell you is that it's some nice Christmas music.  This is Merry Christmas From Anna Maria Alberghetti And Introducing Reino Moisio (Celebrity House TW 2001, Stereo, 1984).


Whoops, I forgot that I was supposed to be listing all the songs when I post these records.  I knew I was finishing up the posts too quick...

1. Ave Maria
2. My Favorite Things
3. The Little Drummer Boy
4. Medley: O Holy Night; Silent Night; We Wish You A Merry Christmas
5. Ode To Joy
6. Medley: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Deck The Hall; Joy To The World
7. Glory To God
8. Angels We Have Heard On High
9. The Holy City
10. Reprise: Ode To Joy; Joy To The World; The Holy City

1-4: Anna Maria Alberghetti
5-10: Reino Moisio


Anonymous said...

Listen Bert why don't you go back to stuffing your face with spaghetti you have no experience ever even commenting on a class of musicicallity you are so far beneath.

Anonymous said...

Reino Moisio was a music teacher in the Tacoma, Washington school district. He had a music group back in the late 60's. I believe he must be retired from teaching now, but you might be able to contact him there. We went to one of his shows that he put on with his musical group on the Princess Louise ship that was permanently docked in Puget Sound around 1968.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot who will never amount to anything. In contrast, Reino Moisio was an absolute genius, with the talent to mezmerize audiences with his exceptional and diverse musical talent, acting expertise, charm, wit and charisma. I have an original, unopened album that I wouldn't turn over to an ignoramous like you for 6 figures or more.

Ernie said...

Here's the things about original, unopened can't listen to them. They may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if you can't put it on the turntable and give it a spin, it's not much good.

Ernie said...

Mr. Moisio appears to have passed away last year.

Rafael M. said...

Hi Ernie!

Please, by the love of Lord, repost a new link to this album here in blog, cause the link that are posted in blog is dead, is off. Many thanks and i'll wait for your answer about this.