Saturday, July 09, 2011

Christmas In July 2011-Day 8

Sorry I missed yesterday, I was at the shuttle launch and didn't get back until much later than expected.  By the time I got home, I was in no shape to share any Christmas music.  I'll catch up either later tonight or tomorrow, and then we'll be back on track.  For tonight, I've got a stack of stuff, much of it from artists we've already visited once or more already this month.  Let's dive in.

Track one is Carol Of The Shepherds, a very seldom, if ever, heard Christmas tune performed by Drexel Park Presbyterian Church Senior Choir-T.C. Barg, Choir Director-Mary A. Prischman, Organist, from their album Sacred Reflections (Drexel Park Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Illinois, No Label, No Number, Mono, 1962).

Track two is The Christmas Song (yes, the Nat King Cole song) as played by Brookside Jr. High School Music Department-Symphonic Band-Bernard Rightmyer, Conductor, a local middle school right here in Sarasota, FL.  The album is Winter Concert-Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, 1971 (Brookside Jr. High School, Sarasota, Florida, United Sound USR 4026, Stereo, 1971).  Very, umm, unpolished.

Track three is Fantasy On Westminster Quarters, which confused me until I actually listened to it and realized it's based on the sound of Westminster chimes.  You'll recognize it.  This is by The Wesleyan Ringers, Lloyd R. Pilkington-Director, from their LP The Glory Of Bells (Silver Crest Custom STJ-111882, St. John's United Methodist Church, Hazlet, NJ, Stereo).

Track four is Hot Toddy, certainly not a Christmas song, but you could make the argument that it's a drink fitting for the winter season.  It's by Ira Ironstrings (later purported to be Alvino Rey) and it's from what I think is his first Warner LP Ira Ironstrings Plays: "Music For People With $3.98" (Plus Tax, If Any) (Warner Bros W1204, Mono, 1958).  If you haven't heard the Ira Ironstrings Christmas album, do yourself a favor and go buy it now!

Track five is Les Brown and His Band Of Renown performing a song that they had an earlier hit with, I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.  This is a later, hi-fi rerecording from The Les Brown Story (Capitol T1174, Mono, 1959).

Track six (how many tracks I'm I sharing tonight?  I forget...) is Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Jesus, Lover Of My Soul) by Paul Mickelson And Tedd Smith from their LP Open The Gates Of The Temple (RCA Victor LPM-1098, Mono, 1955).  Not sure who Tedd Smith is, but Paul Mickelson has been seen around here already this month accompanying a vocalist.

Track seven is March Of The Toys by Johnny Kemm from yet another organ demo LP, The Invisible Brass Band-Johnny Kemm Brings It To Life With The Revolutionary Lowrey Brass Symphonizer (Concert Recording CR-E112, Stereo).  I don't hear much brass here, invisible or not.  Is it just me, or does the last little bit of this song remind you of that Air Force song?  You know, "Nothing can stop the US Air Force!"

Track eight, and I think the last, is Skating In Central Park by The Modern Jazz Quartet, another selection from heir album Patterns (United Artists UAL 4072, Mono, 1960).

And that does it for the evening.  Not too much snarky to say tonight, I'm watching Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade in the other room, so I want to get back to it.  Here's the download link, have a blast.

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