Monday, July 04, 2011

Christmas In July 2011-Day 4

Hello!  And welcome to the Fourth of July!  Not just any fourth of July, mind you, but the fourth Christmas In July of 2011!  Let's jump right to it.

Track one is old favorite Fum, Fum, Fum by St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir-Melville Tully, Director-Dorothy Tully, Organist, from the LP St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir 1962 (Locations Recording Service LRS-1262-765, Mono, 1962).  I think this is the second track I've shared from this LP, and it's not the last.

Track two is a story called Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas by Alison Uttley, narrated by Tammy Grimes and orchestrated by Don Heckman. The album is titled Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas And Little Grey Rabbit Goes To Sea (Caedmon TC 1510, Stereo, 1976).  It's a long, long story, so make a little time when you go to listen to it.

Track three is Mid-Winter by Claude Rhea With The Concert Orchestra Of London, Conducted by Paul Mickelson, the second track I've shared from the LP Majestic Themes (Word WST-8029-LP, Stereo, 1960).

Track four takes us into polka territory with Snowflake Polka from the accordion of Johnny Pecon And His Orchestra and the album Johnny Pecon's Juke Box Favorites (Dana DL 1282, Mono).

Track five is Variations On A Theme By Prokofieff, which I'm sure you'll recognize as the same music used elsewhere as Midnight Sleighride.  This is brought to us by Brookside Jr. High School Music Department-Concert Band-Bernard Rightmyer, Conductor, now a middle school, located down in Sarasota.  The album is Winter Concert-Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, 1971 (Brookside Jr. High School, Sarasota, Florida, United Sound USR 4026, Stereo, 1971).

Track six is a remastered rerun, The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy by The Robert De Cormier Folk Singers from the album of the same name (Command RS 853 SD, Stereo, 1963).

The seventh and final track tonight is Helen Morgan with Winter Overnight, recorded in 1935 and for my purposes ripped from Encores From The 30's, Volume 1 1930-1935 (Columbia Special Products 2xLP P2 12854, Originally Recorded 1/9/35, Mono, 1975).

And that does it for tonight.  No goofy bonus tracks, sorry, couldn't come up with anything I liked.  Maybe tomorrow.  Anyhow, here's the link, now go have a safe Fourth of July!

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