Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pirates In The Sky

I know I've been slacking on the airplane pictures, instead showing you lots and lots and lots of pictures from DC, but here are some good ones from Saturday at Sun-N-Fun. As you can tell, it was totally clouded over, so there wasn't much color or sunlight to make for good pictures. Because of this, I wandered away from the flightline when I should have been paying more attention. Look at the top of that biplane and you'll see a woman on there!

I've always heard of wing walkers, but I'd never seen one. Just imagine the guts it must take to climb out on that wing and hold on for dear life.

Now imagine doing it upside down.

The whole show they put on had a pirate theme, so that explains the swords and the skull and crossbones. There was all sorts of sound effects, music and backstory that got played over the PA system during the show, too, but it was so over the top I just tuned it out and tried to enjoy the show in the air. As you can see, my pictures got a little better as I wandered back to the flightline once I realized what I was missing.

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