Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After the big, exciting Cherry Blossom Parade, we walked over to the Japanese American Festival, being held just a couple of streets over. Actually, it was on Pennsylvania Avenue, which you may have heard of before.

Seemed to me like the biggest part of the festival was curious Japanese trinkets, like these colorful origami cranes.

And of course pink teddy bears with bloody lips and claws.

There was no end to the Hello Kitty stuff.

And then there were the people who were taking the festival a little too, umm, frivolously. Alice in Wonderland ripoffs seemed to be quite popular for some reason. Maybe the recent new movie?

Lots of funny colored wigs and odd goth-inspired outfits with a hint of silly. You should see all the folks that I was too embarrassed to photograph.

Is Stitch Japanese? I had no idea.

Should I know who this is? I think I'm too old...

And Waldo isn't so hard to find if you know where to look for him.

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