Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fish Story

I think I've mentioned that I was in Boca Grande this past Sunday to shoot some pictures. I wandered around a corner and happened upon the scene you see above. At first I thought there was a small wedding going on, but I couldn't figure out what the bride and groom were doing in the water. I snapped a couple of shots and started to amble in that general direction. Before I could get very close, I saw them push what I at first thought was a large rock back into the water, then everyone cheered. I had to look at the pictures I had snapped and zoom way in before I realized that someone had caught a giant grouper, and everyone was huddled around it taking pictures. You can see the size of this monster in the blurry enlargement below. I wish I could have gotten closer before they released it and gotten some nice pictures, but I was glad that they let it go. This fish probably weighed between two and three hundred pounds! And the guy caught it on that little fishing pole you see him holding up. Now that's fishing!

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