Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bird In Distress

Not long after I spotted the ospreys I mentioned a few minutes ago, I came across this little tern. Stumbled across is more like it, because I almost stepped on him. He didn't fly away so I knelt down to take a few pictures. It worried me that he wasn't flying or walking away like these guys normally do, so when I was done shooting, I walked over to him. Something was wrong because I was able to pick him up. His wings and feet seemed to be in good shape, he just didn't seem to have any energy. I took him over to the lighthouse and found a park ranger, but we weren't able to get hold of anybody due to the Super Bowl starting in a few minutes. I put the guy back on the beach where I found him and checked on him a few times later. He seemed to be a little better, walking around instead of just laying there. The park ranger assured me that she would check on him in the morning. I feel bad that there wasn't anything more I could do for the guy. The two shots below aren't typical of the way he was behaving, so don't look at them and think he was broken. Those are after I set him back on the beach and before he got his bearings. But even in the picture above, you can look at his eye and tell something's not quite right...


Anonymous said...

Ernie, I know how you feel about that poor critter.

I had a baby bird wash out of the nest after a bad storm. I found him on the ground while mowing. He was in bad shape. I didn't know what to do with him.

A neighbor told me of a vet that would be able to care for him. The vet said that if I had tried to put the bird back into the nest the mom would have pushed him out again.

Never did find out how he did. You have a good heart to care for that little guy the way you did.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the bird flu virus?