Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 31

Here we are. Day 31. If this were December, it would be New Year's Eve. So keep that in mind as you read through the selections today. I'm starting you off with four different version of Auld Lang Syne. They are by Victor Silvester, Stanley Alpine And The Tennessee Bluegrass All-Stars, The Norman Luboff Choir and The Children Of Edinburgh. The albums are, respectively, Victor Silvester Plays For Your Party (EMI/Columbia 33SX 1126 (UK), 1958), Pickin' And Pluckin'-Bluegrass 5-String Banjo (Palace 746), Just A Song... (Columbia CL 890) and The Story Of Greyfriar's Bobby (Disneyland ST-1914, 1961). My favorite is the bluegrass one. But wait! That's not all you get! How about What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? by The Four Lads With Ray Ellis And His Orchestra from The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser (Columbia CL 1045)? What? That's not enough for you? OK, here's my favorite of the lot. It's called simply Happy New Year, and it's by Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra With The Ralph Brewster Singers from the album The Magic World Of Gordon Jenkins (Columbia CS 8682). It's a great track, I'm sure it will quickly become your favorite. Don't delay, go get it today!

How did I wrap up the faux Yuletide season last year? A mere two versions of Auld Lang Syne, and a little comedy bit from Charlie Weaver.

Stay tuned for a "Best-Of" collection to come out sometime soon. (You can still get the best tracks from last year here.) I've got to sit down and listen to all the tracks I've shared out to try and pick 30 or so of my favorites. Let me know which ones you think should be included. Thanks to all of you who've downloaded my shares this month. I hope you found something you like. If you include a track on your own compilation, please let me know, or, better yet, send me a copy. I love to see and hear how stuff I've dug up gets shared with the world. Thanks again!


  1. It's plain astounding how much work you put into this Ernie! Thanks so much for the searching and scouring!


  2. Thank you Ernie for another amazing Christmas In July. This is my actual first year getting it all in "real time" since I didn't discover your blog until Januray of this year. Can't wait til the true holiday season to see what jewels you pluck for us!


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