Saturday, July 14, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 13

One more day closer to the complete collection. Well, maybe not the complete collection, but a pretty large one. Three tracks today with nothing at all in common, other than having something to do with Christmas, of course. Track one is The Virgin Mary had A Baby Boy by The Robert de Cormier Folk Singers from their self-titled LP (Command RS 33-853, 1963). That annoying high-pitched noise throughout the track is some chime or something that they are playing during the song. I thought my stereo was on the fritz, but it's supposed to be there. Track two is The Very First Christmas Day by Sunshine from the LP Step Into The Sunshine (Light LS-5586-LP). Sharp-eyed readers will realize that Light is a religious record label, and sure enough, this record features 40 kids singing who are all associated with St. Janies Presbyterian Church in Tarzana, California. The last track is Christmas Day from the musical Promises, Promises (United Artists UAS 9902). The artists are Edward Winter, Kay Oslin, Rita O'Conner, Julane Stites and Neil Jones. (Jerry Orbach is also in the cast, and he's the only one I recognize.) All the songs in the show were written by Burt Bacharach, who you may have heard of. Oh, the author of the play is Neil Simon, again, someone you may have heard of. Here's the link to today's download, I hope you enjoy the tracks.

The share of the day last year was also a hodge-podge of stuff, including The Skater And His Dog, Skatin' Waltz In Swing and a swinging Tijuana Brass-style cover of We Need A Little Christmas.

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  1. Actor Edward Winter, who died a couple of years ago, was best known as the crazy CIA agent, Col. Flagg, in the tv series M*A*SH


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