Saturday, March 31, 2007

AirFest 2007-Part Two

I mentioned paratroopers in my last post, but these aren't the same guys. These folks are fancy hi-precision parachutists, which you probably can tell because of their fancy parachutes. Plus, most ordinary paratroopers don't fly flags... These were actually the very first act to go on at AirFest. Well, there were some radio-controlled airplanes flying around at the same time, but they flew off and on all day. These parachutists were actually on so early that they brought them back later in the day for all the people who missed them the first time around. So I've got more pictures of them that I haven't even seen yet. (The light was a little better later on, so I'm hoping those pics look better.) What else can I tell you about these guys? I don't know much. I think they are part of Special Operations Command, thus the USSOCOM on their chutes. I've got the pictures reversed, since the US flag guy came down first, and then the tandem pair with the Florida flag. After that they had flags for each of the 4 branches of the armed forces, one guy with a POW-MIA flag, and then I think the last guy down had a special USSOCOM flag. After a while, they all started to blur together. Oh, they trailed pink smoke for a while, but I didn't like most of the pictures that showed the smoke...

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