Sunday, January 07, 2007

Volume 2 For Hi-Fi Living

It's Sunday, and that means I've got the second installment of Hi-Fi Living for you. This week it's Tony Osborne And His Orchestra-Hands Across The Table (RCA Custom RAL 1002, 1957). Very similar to what I shared out last week, except this time instead of piano interludes, you get harp interludes. Not that it makes much difference. I think I misspelled 'sentimental' in one of the songs. Sorry about that. I'm hoping next week will be more exciting. It's Hits From Hollywood. We'll see.

Looks like Tony Osborne is a bit more well-known that Hill Bowen from last week. He appears to be English with a long list of credits, as well as numerous family ties to the worlds of orchestral music and rock.


  1. this looks like a tasty platter! thanks, ernie. yum!

  2. This is some fun stuff. I liked Volume 1 slightly more, if only for the fact that I think the harp interludes all blend into one another, and sound too similar to me.

    After you posted Volume 1 last week, I bid on and won 5 of the volumes from the series on eBay, and got them for a penny each, plus shipping. The seller had 5 additional volumes in auctions that had just ended, so he threw those in for a penny each, plus shipping. All told, I'm paying about $1 each for them, after shipping.

    They're in transit, and Volume 3 isn't part of his set, so I look forward to what next week has to offer. Many thanks for posting these!

    Cousin Oliver

  3. I think the covers alone are worth a penny each! Now you're going to have to pay a fortune for the two that you're missing.

  4. This reminds me very much of the Melachrino Strings LP "Music for Dining" which I have on RCA LPM 1000 with that great tag that you noted earlier that screams out "NEW" LOL!

    These are great finds and Ernie your work is well appreciated especially by those of us who have been avid record collectors since 1954 at the age of 6.

    I just discovered your site last month, I have been addicted ever since!

    I am also a diehard fan of Christmas music with my collection going back to the turn of the last century and with people like you and Lee Hartsfeld, King of Jingaling, CaptainOT, and that crazy Bongalong character etc, you guys really make me smile knowing theres others die hard fools out there just like me! Just keep it going!


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