Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Waltz Time

I found another LP cover done by Demilio, though it's not signed anywhere I can see. The style is unmistakable, though. I don't know what it is about the people with the big oval heads that I like, but they are irresistible. And no, the oval heads don't really remind me of Stewie Griffin. This detail is from the cover of Mantovani And His Orchestra-Waltz Time (London LL 1094)

Almost forgot, here are links to the other record covers I've found by this same illustrator:
Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra-Ros Mambos
Robert Farnon And His Orchestra-Two Cigarettes In The Dark
Stanley Black And His Orchestra-Some Enchanted Evening


Vinyl Room said...

I could have purchased one of those vinyl albums today but changed my mind.
Will you be sharing any of them in the future?

Ernie said...

I just like the covers on these. The music puts me to sleep. Well, that Mambo one, maybe, but certainly not the Mantovani...