Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas The Day Before Christmas

Finally, the big day is almost here, and that means I have to get rid of all the Christmas music I have lined up to share. Oh, and I have this one last record from last year to share out. Why did I wait until this last day to put this one back up? Well, you'll see. Hurry up and download Gisele MacKenzie-Joyeux Noel (Vik EXA-271, 1957). Everyone loves Gisele, right?

Update: Looks like someone finally wised up about this record. It's now available for download on iTunes. So I can't share it anymore, but you can download a nice MP3 version of it. Actually, what they've got is the whole LP that this EP is pulled from, but you get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Gisele was the supreme singer's singer. Her interpretation of any song made it the highest standard to be measured with. Singing standards in French and English, she is always a joy to listen to. Thank you for sharing the music!