Monday, December 26, 2005

Oodles of Doodles CLXXI

Christmas is over, and that means I can try to get back to some of my pre-holiday habits, like doodles. This busy drawing, reminiscent of something in MAD Magazine, is from the flip side of Raoul Meynard And Orchestra-Continental Host (Warner Bros. WS1424, 1961). The doodle is signed Renfro down at the lower right, but that's not ringing any bells to me. There's a lot going on in this picture, so click the image to see the slightly bigger version. No hidden nudity that I can find, but there is at least one guy about to commit suicide at the roulette table.


Anonymous said...


"Illustrator Ed Renfro was born on December 2, 1924, in Huntington Beach, California. After graduating from Huntington Beach High School in 1942, he served in World War II as a combat heavy bomber pilot with the 8th Air Force over Germany. He took advantage of post-war education opportunities to get an art degree from UCLA in 1950.

Renfro has worked as an advertising artist in Los Angeles and as a free-lance illustrator in San Francisco. In 1955, he moved to New York to continue his work as a free-lance illustrator of children's books, advertising art, magazine editorials, and television work. Renfro's work has appeared in many national and international shows and publications, and has won numerous awards and honors. He and his wife, artist Suzanne Bonham, have two children."

Ernie said...

Cool. Thanks for the info!