Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Superiority Through Airpower VII

One of the more anticipated events at Airfest was the flyover of the B1 bomber. We were told over the PA that it was only going to make one pass, and then they started telling us how far out it was. Slowly but surely the distance to fly-by got less and less, then there it was. No time to take more than a single picture, so what you see above is all I got. It was almost flying across the sun when I got my finger on the trigger, so I apologize for the rather interesting coloration. Macdill was one of 6 airshows this stealthy baby was visiting that day, and they made a big deal about how it was a 'training mission', not a joy ride to half a dozen airshows. Yeah, right.

Last year, we were treated to a double flyover by a B2 stealth bomber (it flew one way, then back the other way...), as well as a series of demonstrations of the F-117 stealth fighter. They even had a F-117 on the ground that you could get fairly close to, but not so close that you could touch it. It was also very well guarded, so you couldn't have laid a finger on it if you tried.

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