Thursday, July 13, 2023

Christmas In July 2023-Part 13

Lucky number 13! Is this the day you've been waiting for? Probably not, but here it is anyway. Six more tracks for your Christmas in July enjoyment.

1. Alice Day-Silent Night
2. Red Garter-Jingle Bells
3. Sy Mann At The Lowrey-Sleigh Ride
4. The Shawnee Choir-Earl Willhoite, Director-Richard Lindroth, Accompanist-Soloist: Jean Ann Wolbert, Soprano-The Gift Of Love
5. The Ringing Belles-Rachael Kuivinen, Director-Silver Bells
6. Iroquois Junior Public School Primary & Senior Choirs, Choir Director-Shirley Munroe-In Bethlehem

Look interesting? Well, download it and give it a listen!



  1. See, I knew there were more Ringing Belles selections this month. I just forgot to comment.

    1. I think they're on close to every other post, maybe slightly more. Buncha tracks on that album.


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