Saturday, May 21, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 21

Another Saturday, another post. It's week 21, so I've put 21 files in the download for you. I don't think I can keep doing that for too long, but we'll see. I want to at least get up to a 20/week average. That's a lot of music, but The Internet Archive keeps delivering. There should be a new dump sometime in the next week, and I've barely started tagging the finds from last month. It's not a bottomless well, but it's pretty deep. As usual, there's some good stuff in the pile this week, including something like a request, or at least a song someone mentioned. I've got a lot of stuff in the pile, so it's easy sometimes to shuffle things around and come out with a song that someone mentioned. Hopefully they'll see it and be excited that it's there. In the meantime, here's a link to the latest batch of Christmas songs from 78 RPM records. Enjoy!


In other news this week, I rescued a juvenile dove that was being attacked by some bully crows. Poor guy was on the ground and couldn't seem to get away. So I picked him up and carried him inside. I put him in a box with some water, then ran to the store and got a bag of birdseed. They only had one bag of tiny seeds, and it had been slashed open at some point, but I brought it back to the office and gave him a bowl full. He seemed OK, but I brought him home to my GF who's a vet tech and a former bird minder, just to get him checked out. She decided he was healthy, he'd been eating some seed, he seemed fully hydrated and there were no wounds or breaks from the crows. We let him loose on the screened in patio and he seemed to like it, even though he was still quite shy. I had leaned the sack of birdseed against the wall when I got home, and as I walked back by it I saw some black specs on the wall. I assumed some seed had splashed up on the wall when I sat it down, and didn't think more of it. Sometime later, there were more specs. I looked closer, and there were weevils climbing the wall. Yep, the bag was full of little bugs who had hatched out of the seed and were now spreading themselves around the condo. I tied the bag of seed up inside two other bags and took it outside. I checked the box the bird had been in, and found several bugs. I checked the bowl of seed, and found many more. I checked the bathroom where the bird had been locked up for a while, and found more bugs. They were everywhere. But we kept killing them and hopefully they'll die out without more food. We're keeping the kitchen extra clean for a while, but I doubt if we've seen the last of them. I took the little guy back to work the next day. He perched on my finger as I took him outside, then he flew up into a nearby tree and that was the last I've seen of him. Hopefully he makes it just fine.


JustaJeepGuy said...

It's too bad the bird didn't eat weevils. They're probably easier for birds to digest than seeds. Why were crows bullying a dove? Weren't there any dead roadkill squirrels for them to eat?

Buster said...

Lovely story! I should tell it to my bird, who is a few feet away and staring at me.

Weevils? I don't think we have such things around here. You should post "The Boll Weevil Song" in commemoration of your battle with the little varmints.

Buster said...

Good records, too!

Johnny Cee said...

Yes, very excited to see that Ole Svenson made the cut! The pseudo-Swedish Christmas novelty record sub-genre is fascinating!

Ernie said...

Thanks for the comments, folks! Keep 'em cpmin'!

Jeepster-I'm sure birds will eat the weevils, if they're out in the open. But they spend most of their lives holed up inside of whatever seeds they eat. That's why they show up in packaged bird seed. And the crows had been acting funny earlier. I actually watched them wrestling with each other outside my window, and digging in the sand for something. Funny, but weird.

Buster-Didn't know you had a bird. I'll be sure to include some bird seed (and maybe a weevil or two) in my next shipment. :)

Johnny-Yes, it's neat to find such Scandinavian delights. If you haven't heard of him, look up Jimmy Jenson. There are a few Christmas songs sprinkled into his discography.

Thanks again, all!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hope the dove made out okay. Wow--weevils. Around here, we have stinkbugs and Japanese "ladybugs" (actually, disgusting little beetles), but no weevils. Just starting to listen, and wanted to note that the mono Boston Pops "Sleigh Ride" is my all-time favorite version. It came out great in your batch. There's a stereo mix that may or may not be from the same session, and it totally lacks the punch of this one. Anyway, thanks!

Johnny Cee said...

I hadn't heard of Jimmy Jenson before, so thanks for the link. Yogi Yorgesson is still the king, though!