Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 77

Just kidding, that wasn't the end!  I've got enough New Year's & Epiphany songs for a whole other post, and that's what you're reading now.  So here are eleven more songs from the end of the season.

1. Miniature Boxes-Carnival Of Venice; Phil The Fluter's Ball; Musetta's Waltz (From "La Boheme"); Happy Birthday; Tales From The Vienna Woods; She Was Poor But She Was Honest; The Blue Danube; Trompeter Von Sackingen; Swiss Yodels; Auld Lang Syne from Music Boxes And Chiming Clocks From The Alec Templeton Collection (RCA Victor LPM-1867, Mono, 1958).  This may be the biggest lie I've given you all season.  Is Auld Lang Syne even in this medley?  I think they just play Happy Birthday a second time.  Sorry.

2. Trapp Family Singers-Dr. Franz Wasner, Conductor-Every Year Brings Something New from Sad Am I Without Thee (Decca Gold Label DL 9759, Mono, 1955).  Maybe not a strict New Year's song, but I thought it appropriate. And it has 'year' in the title.

3. Marisha Data-Happy New Year from More Of Aggie's Telephone Gems (Chet Shafer Productions/Chicago Polkas CLP-9200, Mono).  Some more New Year's humor for you. Maybe.

4. Jerry Bock With Nancy, Debbie, Cathy, Ginnie, Robert, Gary, Seth, David And George-Happy Old Year from New Songs We Sing In School (Golden Record LP-97, Mono, 1962). There aren't enough songs about the old year.

5. James Dukas-Introduction-New Year's Day from Holidays Holidays (Golden Records LP 250, Mono).  The introduction to a track I shared from this album earlier tonight.

6. Goodfellows Male Chorus (aka RCA Victor Male Chorus)-Medley: Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here; For He's A Jolly Good Fellow; Good Night Ladies; Merrily We Roll Along; Auld Lang Syne from Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here (RCA Camden CAL-134, Mono).  Another medley, this one I think is from an ancient 78 that was collected on this LP.

7. Opryland Singers-Vocal Arrangements & Direction By George Mabry & Opryland Orchestra-Arranged & Directed By John Duke-Auld Lang Syne from I Hear America Singing (Opryland Records OR-1001, Stereo, 1973).  A tiny piece out of a huge side-long medley.

8. & 9. Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians-Auld Lang Syne from Every Night Is New Year's Eve With Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians-Live At The Waldorf Astoria (London Phase 4 XPS 904, Stereo, 1973).  Two different reprises of Lombardo's best know song.

10. Ray Middleton-Choir & Music Under Direction Of Howard Barlow-New Year's Eve And Day from Ten Protestant Holy Days (Candle Records CAN-111, Mono, 1957).  The first of two tracks from the same album.  Sorry, I didn't plan that out very well.

11. Ray Middleton-Choir & Music Under Direction Of Howard Barlow-Epiphany from Ten Protestant Holy Days (Candle Records CAN-111, Mono, 1957).  We end with a second track from this LP and our last Epiphany share.  Don't forget there was an Epiphany track on his Catholic album, but it's different from this one, same way both had a Christmas version.

OK, that's really it for the season.  A new season starts tomorrow, so come back for that.  In the meantime, here's the download link for this list.  Thanks for comin' round.


MOQChoir said...

Ernie, we are all privileged to enjoy your ongoing efforts. I'm slowly working my way through the lot and challenging myself not to comment on every single one. Thank you SO VERY KINDLY for sharing all these wonderful (including the not-quite-as wonderful) old recordings.

John said...

Thank you for another fun season!

barba said...

i chonestly don't much care for chanukah music, so i'll have nothing more to say. when you start up kwanzaa-in-september with a little 50s r&b or some james brown or classic motown, i'll be there.

Ernie said...

MOQ-Don't hold back, feel free to comment on every single one! I had to post every single one, after all. :)

John-Thanks for coming by and saying something!

Barba-If I have to find and record the Chanukah music, you have to download and listen to it. Them's the rules!

Harry said...

Ernie, every year there are interesting and unusual gems buried in the mix, and this year was no exception. Kudos to you for all the work and time you spend putting all of this together, and around the house we'll be enjoying listening to it again this coming Christmas season.