Saturday, July 06, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 12

Twelve times ten, that makes 120 tracks, plus 24 from Thanksgiving In June, that gets me to 144 after this share.  Not too shabby, but there's still so much more to come.  I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am.  It's so nice when most of the music is already recorded, all I have to worry about it what to share next.  Sweet.  So what did I choose for today?  Let's find out.

1. Unknown Artist-Be A Santa from Seeburg Foreground Music/Seeburg Background Music (Seeburg Sales Corporation XTV-27297/87298, Mono, 1963).  Pretty excited when I found this a week or so ago.  Love all the old music from Seeburg.

2. The Strings Of The Philadelphia Orchestra-Eugene Ormandy, Conductor-Fantasia On Greensleeves from Serenade For Strings (Columbia Masterworks ML 5624, Mono, 1958).  Remember, Greensleeves = What Child Is This.  Simple Christmas equation.

3. Homer And Jethro-The Frozen Logger from Barefoot Ballads (RCA Victor LPM-1412, Mono, 1957).  A Homer And Jethro LP that I hadn't seen until recently.  The cover was rough looking, but the vinyl played pretty well after I gave it a good bath. 60+ years of dirt has a way of getting deep into the grooves. A Pretty straight version, especially for Homer And Jethro.

4. George Feyer, Piano And Harpsichord, With Rhythm Accompaniment-Hansel And Gretel: Children's Prayer from Echoes Of Childhood-For Children Six To Sixty-Six (Vox 10" 33 RPM VX 710, Mono, 1954).  Another short selection from this ten inch LP.  And still more to come.  Short but sweet.

5. The Combined Choirs Of St. Mary's Visitation Church, Dickson City, Pa.-Pasterze Mili-Shepherds Dear from Midnight Mass At St. Mary's (Dub Recording Company D.D. 1155/1156, Mono, 1965).  Homemade music.

6. The Modern Folk Quartet-Riu Chiu from Changes (Warner Bros W 1546, Mono, 1964).  Isn't this Christmas song that The Monkees did?  Pretty sure.

7. All Star Cast With Orchestra And Chorus-White Christmas from An Hour With Irving Berlin (Royale 1343, Mono). Cast members mentioned are Morton Downey, Jack Smith, Georgia Gibbs, Thelma Carpenter & Danny O'Neil, but it's a budget label, so who knows...

8. Carmen Dragon Conducting The Capitol Symphony Orchestra-Ave Maria from Bless This House (Capitol SP8527, Stereo).  The first of a couple versions on this LP.

9. Johnny Bush-Cold, Cold Hands from Undo The Right (Stop Records LP 10005, Stereo, 1968).  It'll do.

10. Conducted By Michael Sweeney-Do You Hear What I Hear? from Hal Leonard Concert Band 1989-1990 (Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2xLP 85060087, Stereo, 1989).  Today's demo record, short but sweet.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Here's the download link.  Time to go watch TV for a couple minutes.

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Puckwheat said...

If I remember correctly, Chip Douglas was a member of the MFQ, and also produced the version of "Riu Chiu" by the Monkees.